The sign of a great music documentary is that even if you don’t care about the music featured you are engaged from start to finish.  Don’t like Rush?  Let me convince you to watch almost 2 hours of Rush!  Want to learn the history behind the band that did that song for a Vodafone advert almost 15 years ago? Now is the time!


You’ll need to take a shower after watching this super intense portrait of the most disgusting man in punk history.  Think you have seen a band be all “crazy” and “out of control”.  You have not. Not until you’ve seen GG Allin.

Fun fact – it was made by the Todd Phillips who went on to direct Road Trip and The Hangover movies.  You’ll see where his penchant for no-holds-barred debauchery comes from.

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

Prepared to accept Rush into your life?  If you are not then stay away from this lovingly made documentary following the band on a semi-recent tour cut with interviews from rock royalty professing their love for one of the all time outsider bands-done-good-that-its-not-cool-to-like-but-everyone-secretly-does-so-now-it-is-sort-of-cool.

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

Dave Grohl snuck an hour long love letter to DC hardcore onto HBO disguised as a Foo Fighters documentary.  Every episode of this recent series went into way more detail on American music history than it really had to and was all the better for it.  My hope is that a lot of people that had never heard of Fugazi have now heard of Fugazi and are now starting bands because of that.  Nice one Dave!


Being in a band is hard.  Want to try and make it a career, maintain your artistic integrity and not completely destroy your entire life?  Good luck.  In DIG! two bands who start as friends and contemporaries head down entirely different career paths.  Who wins?  No one really, Dandy Warhols made a ton of cash but Brian Jonestown Massacre sort-of-probably have in the long run, but at WHAT COST I ASK?

Mistaken for Strangers

The National, hugely popular band with people too cool for Coldplay but who secretly really want to listen to Coldplay.  This fantastic film made by the lead singer’s metal loving brother charts what it’s like to have a sibling reaps huge success in creativity when it’s all you ever wanted yourself.


That’s a great selection there, it really is.  If that’s not enough here’s some fun double bills to kill a weekend with!


Searching for Sugar Man/A Band Called Death

Some Kind of Monster/Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Nas: Time is Illmatic/Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

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