Glastonbury.  You can go from watching Burt Bacharach to blistering techno in the time it takes you to walk from your kettle to the sofa (you know, not very long).  You WILL bump into Bez at some point. You most definitely will miss the one act you told yourself for weeks you had to see but it won’t matter because you spent that time eating yogurt watching a Peruvian Chicha band instead.
Here’s a bunch of vinesphotos and BBC iPlayer links with some highlights from Glastonbury 2015 summing up what one of us got up to.

It has begun! #glasto2015

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Alabama Shakes kicked my Glastonbury off.  I always try to stay one step ahead of critics and the hype machine to appear as cool and aloof as possible so I hadn’t gotten in to deep with these guys.  They won me over.  Egg is squarely on my face now zeitgeist, thanks a lot.

Textbook Glastonbury rain from the moment Gaslamp Killer Experience started to the second they stopped.  A mix of hip-hop, live funk and soul channeling baroque classical arrangements.  I hear they play indoors as well, they should bring a rain machine to those shows as the torrential downpour added a lot.

I ran from Caribou’s set over to catch Jamie XX and it was a tough call because the first 15 minutes seemed right good.  Now I get to watch it on a computer!  Just as enjoyable right?

The reunited Super Furry Animals headlined The Park stage on Friday night. One of those “classic Glasto band headliner 90’s indie sets” that had the added bonus of actually delivering some “proper music” whilst still feeling new and forward thinking despite many songs being 20+ years old.  Kudos.


This was definitely performance art right? #glasto2015

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The #glastonbury flags and sunset photo. Save time, hang onto this one re-use it next year!

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Father John Misty’s second album stumped me.  I was a big fan of his debut but the follow up just didn’t connect with me in the same way.  It’s a good job he brings everything to the table live and fully won me over.  Sincere, ironic, knowing, anthemic, honest, fun, powerful…you know, all those kinds of words you use when you’ve enjoyed something a bit too much.  Dive in.

Father of North, Yeezus, an actual fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Mr. West.  Dividing everyone right down the middle before, during and after his set.  I was with him until the auto-tune gamble mid-set.  I then legged it off to dance in Shangri-La.

To stand alone on the Pyramid stage, to do the show he did encapsulates everything brilliant and infuriating about the man.  Couldn’t have expected anything else.

Sure I'll go in a tent called Bez's Acid House, seems safe. #glasto2015

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Sunday brought without doubt one of the most “Glastonbury” moments of all time. Behold:

Turns out Patti Smith has proper decent tunes as well.  Inspiring without any pretension.  Plus she fell over and totally owned it.

I missed watching Alvvays on Sunday but it don’t matter cause BBC filmed it.

Future Islands, more than just that band from Letterman viral video.  I chose this over Lionel.  NO REGRETS.

Remember that time @future_islands were one of the best bands at @glastoofficial? It just happened you guys!

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Death Cab For Cutie brought on all the feels and sads. ???????? #glasto2015

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Cause I’m a proper bloke and that I don’t cry.  Never have.  Never will.  Death Cab For Cutie certainly gave it a good try in getting me to blub on Sunday night though.

Yep. Glasto. We get it. You are well good. Thanks for everything, see you next year! ????????????

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Oh god now what?

Dive into all the BBC highlights and feel sad and happy and everything else all at once.

Then head here and we’ll all have another go next year:

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