Fan On The Ground: The Libertines, Nottingham

See Tickets asks music fans and gig goers from across the UK where they are, who they’re seeing live and what they thought of the experience. This time, we’re in Nottingham for Fan on the Ground

Hello fan on the ground, what’s your name?   

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Who are you here to see tonight and what’s the venue?

I’m here to see The Libertines at Rock City. It’s bound to be an amazing show in such a small and intimate venue, especially for a band as big as The Libertines!


Have you got any tips on places to eat or drink pre-gig?

Nottingham is full of amazing bars and restaurants, there’s a massive variety and something to satisfy everyone. For the meat eaters out there, I would recommend Red’s True Barbecue, which is the last place I visited. It’s not too far from the venue, has a really chilled vibe and there’s so much to choose from – the choice of drinks is pretty great too.

Bar wise, I like to take the occasional trip to Pit & Pendulum. I’d recommend it for any non-Nottingham residents as it’s a really unique and interesting bar and is definitely one of Nottingham’s treasures. Plus it’s always a laugh to sit and watch newcomers try and find the hidden toilets...

Why did you want to come and see The Libertines tonight? Have you been a dedicated fan for years? 

I must admit, I’ve not been a fan from the very beginning but I’ve certainly loved them for a good few years now. I knew I couldn’t miss out on seeing them in one of my favourite venues and it more than exceeded my expectations. They were made to play shows of this size and it was such an amazing atmosphere.


Have you seen The Libertines before?

I saw them for the first time at their comeback show at Hyde Park and the event wasn’t quite what I expected to be honest – especially because the crowd were playing up so they had to keep stopping because of safety reasons, and there’s a noise restriction at Hyde Park due to the residential properties around the area. I knew that seeing them in an intimate venue would more than make up for the experience of Hyde Park, and they’re more suited to small and sweaty shows anyway!

What would you say Nottingham’s live music scene is like? Have you had any amazing live music moments in the city?   

I love Nottingham’s music scene, there’s so many great venues and there’s no place that has quite the same atmosphere. It’s my home town and I’ve just moved back to the city after three years at university, so I couldn’t wait to throw myself back into the scene and go to as many gigs as possible. I love Rock City especially, so it was an incredible welcoming home experience for me! I’ve had some great live music moments in the city, most of which happened at Rock City or Rescue Rooms. I’ve met a few bands round the back of the venues, so I have some great memories here.


Best moment of the evening? 

I’m not sure I could pick just one! Seeing the boys back together again always gives you a strangely proud feeling, but I guess I’d have to say the final track of the night was the best moment, although slightly bittersweet. Feeling the venue shaking with the force of the whole crowd jumping up and down to ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ was pretty special.

Best track of the night?

All the crowd pleasers and classics were amazing, but it was great to hear their new material, so my favourite track was hearing ‘Gunga Din’ live for the first time – they sounded really tight.

Summarise the gig for us in a sentence.

Absolutely mental with an incredible atmosphere.

Pete & Carl light up their cigarettes on stage at Rock City, Nottingham.

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