Christmas At Kew 2016: Opening Night

It might only be November, but in our opinion it's never too early to start getting into the festive spirit!

We're celebrating the opening of one of the most special Christmas events in the country - Christmas at Kew. We took a wander down to the opening night to see where the magic happens. You can check out what we got up to here and view our gallery of pictures below!

We were greeted in the most festive of manners. Mulled wine, hot chocolate and mince pies on arrival set the scene for what was to be a wonderful evening. A display of beautiful lights, performances and attractions for all the family. As we began on the trail around the gardens, we were immediately wowed by singing trees, lights and actors festively welcoming us to Kew Gardens.

The Trail

The trail was filled with constant entertainment and beautiful displays. The wide range of plants and trees were lit up with every colour under the spectrum, accompanied by the backdrop of the beautiful Palm House which was decorated with colour, snowflakes and Christmas trees.

We were wowed at every stop along the trail, from the Aurora lights that danced in the breeze to the fire garden that cast a warm light around every twist and turn.

While the whole garden is a treat for the senses, the Feast of Lights one passes through was a true highlight; children and adults alike brushing their hands through the shower of lights to make them glimmer and dance at their touch.

The Aurora

A brief pause from the trail was given in the form of carousels, rides and food stalls located around the Kew Gardens gift shop, where people had a chance to chat, laugh and play. It's truly not Christmas until you've taken a ride on a carousel! With a wide range of food and drink, there's something to satisfy everyone as you take a moment to warm up before continuing on the magical trail.

As we walked into the second half of the Christmas at Kew trail, there were many more treats for the eyes and ears. Attendees were invited to place a Christmas wish upon the Wishing Tree (with the option to buy your wish to take home if you please) and it was wonderful to see people of all ages enjoying making their wishes and decorating a part of the gardens.

Father Christmas

Of course, no Christmas event would be complete without a visit from Father Christmas himself! In Santa's Magical Garden, we were given a brief performance from Culture Creative, The Walking Theatre Company and Lucy Loveheart, where Santa's elves beckoned Santa by encouraging the audience to spell out MAGIC! Forgetful Mr Claus entertained children and maybe even a few parents as he wished us all a Merry Christmas.

Santa's Magical Garden

We took advantage of being invited into the Tropical Gardens in the conservatory and warmed up. We were wowed by the huge amount of tropical plants from around the world. Then, it was back to the festivities as we continued onto the remainder of the trail.

As we approached the end, we took a moment to watch the fountains perform a magical display to music, with the Palm House in the background performing a light show alongside. The crowd applauded at its majesty and sadly, we came to the end of the trail.

Christmas at Kew is truly a magical winter wonderland that can be appreciated by people of all ages. It was evident in the diverse crowd that appeared on the opening night.

So if you're looking for something to get you into the festive spirit, or just want to see what Kew Gardens has to offer you this winter time, then Christmas at Kew is the event for you!

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