The Crystal Maze Experience - Q&A with Creative Director Tom Lionetti-Maguire

It felt like the entire nation went crazy over the prospect of resurrecting 90s game show The Crystal Maze and transforming it into a live action experience. After gaining the support and funding of its adoring fans via crowd funding website Indiegogo, The Crystal Maze became a reality. We caught up with Creative Director Tom Lionetti-Maguire ahead of its grand opening in March 2016.

The Crystal Maze seems to have a special place in many people’s hearts. Do you feel you have a certain pressure with the new concept to live up to the memories and expectations that some people will hold?

Yes of course. The Crystal Maze was such an important show to so many people. But we ourselves are huge fans of the show so the greatest pressure is from us to deliver something worthy of the original.

There are also many new difficulties. The original was built to be played by 8 people every few days on a TV show and ours has to support people going through it every day.

Thankfully we have amassed a truly incredible team to bring this back to life. This includes original creator Malcolm Heyworth. It's going to be amazing!

Were you surprised by the backing you received through Indiegogo?

We really were. It's always a massive leap of faith starting out on a project like this. We put in every penny we had just to get it as far as that. This project has already been 2 years in the making. But fans rallied behind us and we got the project started.

It has also grown massively in scope from what we originally anticipated. This Maze is going to be bigger and better than anybody had dreamed.

How important was it to you to get the involvement of people such as Richard O’Brien and original producer?

It was a huge boost. Richard is such an iconic part of the show and Malcolm's knowledge and guidance has been invaluable.

richard obrien

Who will be the first people to go through the new live immersive experience?

The first people to experience the Maze will be the lucky few Indiegogo pledgers who selected the opening night launch.

If you had to explain new The Crystal Maze concept to people who didn’t see the original how would you sum it up?

It's just good old fashioned fun!

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