Bloodstock Festival Favourites: Playlist

Band booker at Bloodstock Festival Vicky Hungerford chooses her festival favourites from this year's bands and her best Bloodstock memories.

To get yourself inspired to make the trip to Bloodstock this year, or to reminisce about past experiences, listen to the playlist below and see what Vicky thinks are her stand out tracks for Bloodstock!

Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage

Amazing every time we hear it and will be no different this year.

Slayer - Repentless

Great track off the new album, we can't wait to hear this in the summer at the festival!

Satyricon- K.I.N.G

these guys performed with the Norwegian National Orchestra last year... not many black metal bands would attempt that.

Evil Scarecrow - Robototron

11000 people at 11 in the morning robot dancing was something special.

Machine Head - The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears

There was no one at the festival not bouncing up and down to this.

Trivium - Silence in the Snow

Their first ever live performance of this song, influenced heavily by Dio, and performed on the the Dio Stage, EPIC!

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It

This year will be their final ever UK show, how much are we looking forwards to hearing this again?

Europe - The Final Countdown

Despite some peoples reservations this was an all time Bloodstock classic moment.

Paradise Lost - Say Just Words

This was great and always goes down well.

Hatebreed - Destroy Everything

No words needed!

Sepultura - Territory

This song has lasted the test of time, every time its played it's carnage in the pit.

Lamb of God - Redneck

One of their first shows after Randy's Czech nightmare... So good they broke our barricade.

Anthrax - Caught in a Mosh

Which we all will be again this summer!

Alice Cooper - School's Out

What a closer to this playlist, and one of the best productions we ever saw at Bloodstock.

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Listen to the full playlist below, and see you at Bloodstock 2016!

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