Disney on Ice have just revealed their latest show, Disney on Ice Presents Frozen, taking place this October - December. Check out this Q&A with show Producer Kenneth Feld about what we can expect from the new show. And don't forget, tickets for Disney On Ice Presents Frozen go on sale this Friday at 9am!


Q: What should audiences expect when they come to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen?

A: When audiences come to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen, they will be amazed. Everyone knows the film so well, and this production is an adaptation that will bring everything to life right in front of your very eyes.

Q: How much time did take to produce this show from first concept to opening night?

A: Typically, a Disney On Ice show will take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years to fully produce from concept to finished product. Disney On Ice presents Frozen was more of a sprint, because the film came out in November and we opened the ice show the following September. It was one of the shortest turnaround periods we've ever had for a production, and it's the biggest Disney On Ice show that we've ever produced.

Q: How is this the biggest show we've ever produced?

A: Because of the worldwide popularity of the movie Frozen, we had to make Disney On Ice presents Frozen something totally different. For this production, we threw away whatever you think you know about Disney On Ice. When you come into the arena, you will be taken with the atmosphere. You will feel fully immersed in the film. Everything has been done to emulate what people love about Frozen. Not only will audiences experience a tumultuous blizzard, but they will get the entire city of Arendelle and the North Mountain. They will see beloved characters, like Anna, Elsa, Sven and Olaf. It is something totally spectacular, but more than that, something that people have never seen before.

Q: What was it like working with your daughter Nicole on this production?

A: It was such great fun for me to produce a show with my daughter. Nicole is an incredible producer, and this production was really special because her daughter, Piper, is at an age where she knows Frozen. She's seen the film millions of times, so she really kept us honest with the story and characters. The greatest thing is seeing her reaction to the show.

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Q: The movie Frozen was a big hit; did you feel any pressure in bringing these characters from the screen to the ice, especially since the movie makes for a perfect ice show? 

A: I think this was the biggest challenge we've ever had because everyone knows everything about the film. For us to adapt it, we had to be sure that we were true to the story. To do the film justice, we took elements of the story and scenery that translated well to the ice and expanded on them.

Q: Disney On Ice has a huge fan base with people coming every year.  How important is it to produce new and exciting shows for them?

A: We have been producing Disney On Ice since 1981, and every year we produce a different show. We feel a tremendous responsibility to our fans to give them something new each year because we want everyone to come back and be surprised. What never changes is the fact that every time audiences attend a Disney On Ice show, they will always see their favorite characters come to life in front of their eyes.

Q: What was it like rehearsing the very first ice show in the new Feld Entertainment Studios?

A: It was really exciting producing Disney On Ice presents Frozen because it was the first Disney On Ice show that we produced at Feld Entertainment Studios. Not only did we have the ice floor in the building, but we were also adjacent to our wardrobe, scenic and lighting shops. It was one-stop shopping for everything that we needed to produce this great show.

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