10 Reasons to be Excited About Disney's Aladdin

As you may or may not know, this week sees the opening of the eagerly anticipated Aladdin. The beloved classic Disney film is leaping off the screen and onto the stage of the glorious Prince Edward Theatre. Following its runaway success on Broadway, this spell-binding and visually stunning show gets its West End transfer and boy oh boy are we excited. We recently had the pleasure of visiting the theatre and whilst we weren't allowed to spoil the surprise by taking any photos, we did manage to jot down some fun facts that we discovered on our tour.

  1. There is an on stage ensemble of 28 actors and actresses, with 10 more ready as stand-ins and swings, making it 38 performers within the company for this show alone. Wish you could see a glimpse of them in rehearsals?




  1. There’s not as much space backstage and in the wings of the Prince Edward Theatre as there is in the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway. This meant the designers had to get creative, in total there are now 47 pieces of scenery suspended above the stage ready to be lowered in.




  1. This incredibly magnificent set that now dangles from the grid weighs in at a total of 67 tonnes. Which we are told is about the weight of 4 and a half London buses.


4 and half Buses


  1. Don’t let the compact storage fool you though. In case you’re wondering just how grand this set is going to be, the Palace gates alone are almost 30 feet tall.




  1. Along with the mammoth pieces of set, there are almost 400 lights hung to frame and perfectly capture every moment of the action as well.




  1. The re-designs haven’t only been going on inside the theatre by the way. The Front of House of the Prince Edward Theatre has been given a chic new refurbishment in order to fit the theme and truly welcome you to Agrabah.




  1. With it being produced by Disney, it’s no secret that the set is going to be gorgeous, decorated to the highest standard. Here’s a fun fact, the finish used on the Cave of Wonders is the same one that was used on C3PO in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.




  1. The Prince Edward Theatre purpose built 3 lifts underneath the stage just for this show and its magical entrances.




  1. It took over 100,000 crew hours to build the set and that’s just the start. That is a whopping amount of time to dedicate to this labour of love. But we’re sure everyone who worked on it will agree, it was totally worth it and it looks phenomenal.




And finally the most fun fact of them all...

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