Exposure - our interview with cast

We went to a rehearsal of the fab new show, Exposure and spoke with David Albury, Natalie Anderson, Michael Greco and Niamh Perry, who star in the show, about what we can expect and why you should head down to the St James Theatre next week to see it.

David Albury plays the lead - Jimmy Tucker, a young photographer who is commissioned by a stranger to shoot the seven deadly sins:
"Exposure combines the Getty images database which is huge and has never been used in theatre in this way so its wonderful that we've got them on board. Combined with the phenomenal use of visuals and videos it allows us to set the scene and draw the audience in instantly."

Michael Greco plays Miles Mason, a shady media proprietor who sets Jimmy on his photography task:
"The show is unique because there hasn't really been anything that focuses on the paparazzi. We're all guilty of believing in gossip and the media and this show really drives home how intrusive it can be in our lives.

Its such a talented cast, the stage management and design are brilliant and the chreography is phenomenal. Lindon Barr (choreographer) is very young but he suddenly brought out this amazing choreography and its as though he's been around for 30 years."

Natalie Anderson stars as Tara, Jimmy's girlfriend:
"There's also a focus on social media in the show. We [the public] are all able to play the role of paparazzi with iphones and social media so you might sit in the audience and think 'I'm guilty of that, is it me that's perpetuating this obsession with invasive pictures?' So for me this show is one of the most relevant & contemporary pieces out there.

You'll love the show because its fast and exhilarating to move from number to number, you feel like you're on a roller-coaster. Plus its got a brilliant score so you will hopefully come away singing the songs, it'll just be a fab night out."Niamh Perry who plays Pandora said:
"The design, the costumes, the cast & creative team have all worked really hard and we're all very emotionally invested in it and we hope you love it as much as we do.

The female ensemble are gorgeous and the dancers are incredible so even if you don't like any of us you'll love the ensemble!"

If you'd like to see Exposure, we're currently running a no booking fee offer - you can grab tickets from £25.00.

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