3 Reasons to get excited for a visit to Kings Cross Theatre

Last week we were invited down to King's Cross to have a little wander around and hear a bit more about what is happening in their theatre over the next few exciting months. Needless to say, we can't wait for what's to come and wanted to share our reasons why.

You might recognise this teaser from our Instagram last week, and Bryony, you were right, we were just by Granary Square.


Reason 1

Firstly, DO NOT BE ALARMED, In The Heights and The Railway Children are not being replaced by the new shows coming to King's Cross Theatre. Lazarus and the Donmar plays will be shown in the two theatres being built.

The whole site is going to be split in two, King's Cross North (where TRC and ITH are now) and King's Cross South (opposite the tube station and where Lazarus and Donmar shows will be) with the latter housing two brand new theatres. They will have floor level access as well, so that everyone can enjoy the shows. Poor photos but here's an outside glimpse of the new residents.

Long Story Short: More Space = Even more great quality theatre being shown.

Reason 2

Nestled snugly in between the North and South King's Cross entrances is a lovely little KERB for foodies.


The street joining the two theatres is home to a long line of Street Food stands and is called Kerb. Gobble down some delicious delicacies from all over the world, or if you're running late, scoff down a burger on your way to the show. Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the special weekend themes.

Long Story Short: Great Food Outside!

Reason 3

If you've been to the King's Cross Theatre before, you're probably aware of the cute bar area they have (as seen below).


But what you might not know, is that after performances of In The Heights, it becomes a private bar those who have just seen the show. A band then perform live music for some post show entertainment (occasionally, you may catch members of the cast there dancing as well). A hidden gem like no other, just the tonic after watching the fantastic musical that won 3 Olivier Awards this year.

Long Story Short: Secret Boozy Mini Concert After the Show.

If we've convinced you to pop down to catch a show like they've convinced us, why not book tickets for one of the shows below:

In The Heights

The Railway Children


(News on the Donmar Shows coming soon)

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