Beautycon London - A Must For Beauty Fans!


How would you describe the upcoming London Beautycon event for anyone who may not be familiar with it?

Beautycon Festivals represent high-energy IRL experiences, around the world, for creators, traditional celebrities, brands and fans, to come together around common interests – beauty, fashion, style, and staying true to yourself.

From London and New York to Los Angeles, filled with engaging panel discussions, meet-ups, selfies and brand activations, Beautycon Festivals have seen more than 60,000 fans attend worldwide and our day-of event #hashtags often trend globally on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Your favorite brands and creators like NYX, QVC, Maybelline New York, Nike, Bethany Mota, SunKiss Alba, and Zendaya have all been part of our past Festivals.

Beautycon events have been taking place all over the world so far – do the events have a different theme or vibe from country to country?

The vibe and theme are similar across all cities and countries. Here is a link to a sizzle video if we have the ability to post it:

There will be panel discussions taking place – can you talk us through some of the topics and themes that will be covered and who will be taking part?

Here is a list of panels and talent participating in each panel:

Number 1:
Panel Topic: One World, Many Hashtags
Description: Social media gives us the ability to connect across cultures and time zones. So what is it like to manage a platform with a global reach? These panelists discuss why it's a small world after all.
Moderator: Thandie Newton & Kay Montano
Panelists: Natasha Ndlove, InTheFrow, Justine Skye, Helen Anderson

Number 2:
Panel Topic: The Changing Face of Beauty
Description: Beauty is not one size (or shade) fits all. Standards are shifting and diversity and inclusion are taking center stage. We'll talk about how to challenge what society says, and redefine beauty on our own terms.
Moderator: Jay Manuel
Panelists: Amena, Chanel Boeteng, Patricia Bright, Marc Zapanta, Gracie Franchesca

Number 3:
Panel Topic: Unstoppable
Description: Single, taken or building your empire? These influencers talk about taking success into your own hands whether you dream of becoming a content creator, entrepreneur or both! It's all about just doing you.
Moderator: Sam + Nic of Pixiwoo
Panelists: Fleur De Force, Niomi Smart, Freddy Cousins, Rochelle Humes, Megan Parken·

Number 4:
Panel Topic: No Label Necessary
Description: Beauty products need labels, people do not. Negativity continues to spread in a world that's becoming increasingly more tolerant and accepting. Panelists talk about how they deal with being labeled and the ways they encourage self-love and spread positivity.
Moderator: Zara Martin
Panelists: Dina Tokio, Jordan Bone, Jessie Paege, Jack Emory

Number 5:
Panel Topic: Inspired By...
Description: Whether it's dreaming up a new tutorial or figuring out an Instagram feed flow, there's always a vision in mind. These content creators answer the question, "What inspires you?" and discuss what drives their creative process.
Moderator: Jade Parfitt
Panelists: Hello October, Amelia Liana, Dulce Candy, Lily Pebbles, Roxxsaurus, Curly Proverbs

Number 6:
Panel Topic: Mind Over Matter
Description: You've heard the phrase, "It's all in your head." Now it's time to put it to work and learn how a positive outlook can change your perception of any situation. Hear from influencers as they discuss some of their challenges along with how they are uplifted by their fans and vice versa.
Moderator: TBD
Panelists: Scola Dondo, Em Ford, LDShadowLady, Anna Saccone, Este Lalonde

We will also have a fireside chat on the main stage with Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie. 

Tickets for Beautycon London are on sale now

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