Dinosaurs in the Wild Now Opening in London Due to Huge Demand!

After a hugely successful run in Birmingham, about to take Manchester’s dinosaur-lovers by storm and now opening in London due to such huge demand, Dinosaurs in the Wild is a trip back in time that you cannot miss out on. Using state-of-the-art technology and gripping storytelling from professional actors, Dinosaurs in the Wild utilises a mix of theatre, theme-parks and the latest in 3D special effects and realistic animatronics to transport you on a life-like journey back 67 million years ago.

Located in London’s Greenwich Peninsula from the 10th of February 2018, join Chronotox Enterprises as they use pioneering technology to uncover the past in their never-seen-before research station Timebase 67 and extraordinary Cretaceous Plains. Only recently opened to the public, Timebase 67 prides itself on giving you the experience of getting up, close and personal with ‘living’ dinosaurs. With the guidance of a dinosaur expert and the technology of a time machine, you will be taken on a pre-historic expedition before any trace of mankind to explore and investigate remarkable innovations of technology; such as the hatching of a dinosaur egg, the infamously frightening yet majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex and even herds of Triceratops!

Not only this, Timebase 67 hosts an array of diverse and impressive laboratories; from Autoposy to Pathology, in which you will also be allowed to feast your eyes on and get stuck in. Challenge your strength by feeling the incredible power of a T.rex’s arm, be amazed at the sheer size of a Alamosaurus’ heart and be blown away by the autopsy of the ginormous Pachycephalosaurus being dissected in front of your very eyes! For those of you that love all things fuzzy and cute, the Hatchery is open to display a whole host of differently patterned dinosaur eggs, baby Triceratops’ still in their shells, and even fluffy Dakotaraptors!

Once you’ve completed your Timebase 67 experience, the adventure is still not over, with the best ‘til last still yet to be seen. Boasting panoramic views across the entire Cretaceous Plains, The Lookout space offers the opportunity to witness the majestic dinosaurs in their natural habitat – but be careful! An angry Tyrannosaurus Rex might just eye you up for dinner. After that, you’ll be returned safe and sound to the present day in the time machine.

To avoid missing out on this spectacular experience of family fun and getting in touch with your prehistoric counterparts, book your ticket today for London’s Greenwich Peninsula event!

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