Why You Should Visit The Tom Gates Brilliant Bands and Doodle Live Tour

A hugely popular children’s illustrator and author, Liz Pichon is bringing her wonderful award-winning book series, Tom Gates, to life with her upcoming The Tom Gates Brilliant Bands and Doodle Live Tour. We spoke to Liz to hear all about the show and get her take on all things Tom Gates and illustration!

Your Tom Gates series is a best-selling hit! But what can we expect from the Brilliant Live Show?

We’ll definitely be doing some drawing (bring a pencil and paper!) [and getting] the chance to see and hear DUDE3, Tom’s favourite band in the whole world, play. I’ll be getting everyone to draw with me, answering questions, reading from the books and generally having a fantastic time.

What makes this event one of a kind?

It’s about being able to interact with the kids who LOVE the books. Bringing everything to life.
Some children might have never heard a live band before so we get everyone singing too.

Why do you think it’s important to encourage children to draw?

I think encouraging children to be creative is really important. I love that the style of drawing in the books seems to be so accessible to children. Especially the ones who think they can’t draw – they go away with an amazing picture and I love watching their faces!

We heard that after each event there’s a chance for visitors to meet you after the show – what’s your favourite thing about meeting fans?

I always want to see the drawings and I also love that the kids know the books better than I do!
They all seem to be so enthusiastic as well and meeting the parents and friends is always fun too.

We noticed that you performed at Bestival this year, how does a festival performance differ from the smaller shows – and do you have a favourite?

Bestival was the first BIG festival we’ve done. The only difference is I can’t go into the audience
like I would normally. I sent the lead singer down to do that! But the rest is the same apart from
I can answer more questions in a smaller venue. I can’t wait!

It must be incredible to be such a successful author and illustrator, but what inspires and motivates you to write and draw?

I’ve been having such an amazing time making the books. I love telling Tom’s stories and creating a
different world for him and the characters. Deadlines help the motivation! But I LOVE what I’m
doing, so it’s not like a real job!

Join Liz Pichon and her best-selling character Tom Gates as she takes you and the little ones on a journey of doodles, music and creativity. Tickets on sale now.

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