A Q&A with Comedian Justin Moorhouse

He’s been on some of the best British comedy shows - such as 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Live at the Apollo and Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, won Celebrity Mastermind in 2011 and even starred in the nation’s favourite Coronation Street! But now, comedian Justin Moorhouse has left the cobbles of Weatherfield and put his trivia game-show appearances to one side as he’s back with a huge UK tour: ‘People & Feelings’. In the midst of this tour, we decided to speak to the man himself and get his insight on touring, the comedy industry and his debut on Corrie.

You’re back with a brand new UK tour! What’s your favourite thing about touring?

Getting the chance to make people happy for a couple of hours is a really naff answer but it’s true, I love stand up comedy. That and I love buffet breakfast in budget hotels.

We noticed the tour is called ‘People & Feelings’, what inspired this name?

I thought I’d talk about people and feelings, turns out I don’t really know much about that – so it’s sort of just a nice title now.

Touring the country must be hard work – how do you stay so motivated and upbeat to deliver your comedy whilst on the road?

It’s not hard work. It’s easy, working in a school or a hospital or digging roads is hard work. I get up late, have a buffet breakfast, go to the cinema for a bit then show off.

Stand-up seems like a scary industry to delve into – do you get onstage nerves? And do you have any advice for budding comedians who are too scared to brave the stage?

Too scared? Don’t do it. Not scared? Don’t do it. You have to have a healthy fear – adrenaline, stage fright, Dr Theatre call it what you want, that knot in your stomach is necessary and helpful.

When did you realise that comedy was the career for you?

Sort of really late, 29 I was, normal bloke, normal job – dead bored. Tried it once at my local comedy club and loved it. Never looked back.

 You’ve dabbled in a few other mediums, including acting in the famed Coronation Street as Steve McDonald’s landlord rival, what was it like to be on the streets of Weatherfield?

Like stepping in your telly, amazing. Everyone who works on the show is genuinely lovely. So welcoming, very professional. I’d love to go back one day.

Your podcast ‘About 30 Minutes No More Than 45’ has done brilliantly and was even featured in The Telegraph’s ‘Best comedy and drama podcasts’ last year - what inspired you to start the podcast and what does it offer that other forms of entertainment can’t?

Well it’s a way of giving people something for nothing, I’m all about value. Often the best conversations happen in dressing rooms or car journeys – I started recording to see what would happen – turns out people love a little snoop.


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