A Q&A with Stone Foundation

Stone Foundation

  1. Stone Foundation released their brand new album, 'Everybody, Anyone' earlier this year. They'll be showcasing it later this month with a tour starting in Exeter on Thursday 8th.

We spoke to the band about how they began, their new album, and what influences them.

  1. How would you describe your new album?

British Funk/Soul/Jazz

  1. What advice would you give to smaller or local bands looking to start playing gigs?

Keep playing and keep writing new music. We had a quote from Cher of all people on our studio wall for years “Just because lots of people don’t hear your music it doesn’t mean that it’s not of worth” it’s totally true. Believe in yourself and what you do and above all else be yourself!

  1. What made you pick your bands name?

It was taken from an old article Neil S saw in a magazine. It was about Andy Newmark Sly Stone’s old drummer and the title read “A Stone Foundation” we both thought it looked good written down and it kind of stuck.

  1. How did the band form?

Myself and Neil Sheasby played on the same bill together 20 years ago in different bands, we both had a strong connection when it came to the things we loved music, clothes etc... and we’ve been writing songs together ever since.

  1. Who were your biggest music influencers?

I was a huge hip hop fan growing up, public enemy, tribe called quest, de la soul. It made me dig further into how those songs were made, where the samples came from and my love affair with soul and funk started from there. I was also lucky my dad had a great record collection, he made sure I had a good grounding listening to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Small Faces, Steely Dan when I was a kid.

The band are on tour this month!

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