5 Minutes with Comedian Matt Forde

We had a quick catch up with Britain's leading political comedian, writer, and host of The Political Party, Matt Forde about his new Brexit-inspired show.

For the uninitiated, who are you and what can the audience expect from "Brexit Through the Gift Shop"?

I'm Matt Forde, I'm a political comedian and impressionist. People can expect to see me rip the piss out of the whole Brexit farce and every party in Britain. I give them all both barrels - the Tories, Corbyn, the SNP, the lot. Oh and a healthy amount of Donald Trump who I shamelessly impersonate for laughs. Plus I'll always try and crowbar a David Brent, Alan Partridge and Noel Gallagher impression in...

You debuted the show at the Edinburgh festival? How did the audience react?

It was amazing, the entire run sold out and every day the audiences were so up for it. I think people are desperate to laugh at the state we're in.

So, Brexit is going well for everyone involved, isn't it?

I get plenty of material out of it, if that's what you mean. If Brexit is going to deliver mass unemployment, social unrest and economic collapse but I get to make some jokes out of it, I'm sure we can all agree that it's a price worth paying.

And who do we blame for all of this?


You’re playing at a huge array of venues around the UK. Are you conscious of the different sentiments towards Brexit in different areas and does that affect how you prepare for the show?

I always try and do a bit of local at the start of the show, which can be the most contentious bit as some people hate their MP! On the whole I don't worry too much about what the local preference is. People can laugh at themselves just as much as they can laugh at other people. Plus, if all else fails, slag off the town next door. You never can predict how an audience will react. A couple in Birmingham had sex in the toilet on one of my previous tours. I mean, how many other comedians can say that? They loved the show so much they couldn't contain themselves.

Is there something in the show for remainers and leavers?

COMEDY. Lots of it. It doesn't matter who you support, I rip the piss out of all of them. Plus we can all laugh at Trump.

Has anyone come out of Brexit looking good?

Michel Barnier

Give us your honest prediction of what Brexit will look like for the UK.

How many different ways can you say 'fucked'?

Is this gold for various entertainers? The perfect mix of tragedy, comedy, and farce.

It's gold for me, I'm just hoping that comedy gold holds its value after Brexit.

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