"Playing Glastonbury moved me like no other show": A Q&A with Chris Difford of Squeeze

We had a chat with Chris Difford, the co-founding member of the British rock band Squeeze about how life as a solo artist differs from life in a band, who influences him, and how the music industry has changed over the years.

His upcoming tour will invite audiences to a live discussion of his autobiography 'Some Fantastic Place'. It will also include an exclusive debut performance of new solo material alongside some of the Squeeze's biggest hits such as 'Up The Junction' and 'Cool For Cats'.

How does touring as a solo artist differ to touring with Squeeze? Does it feel more exposing to be putting yourself out there as a solo act?

There is no catering and it's just two of us in the car, it works well and makes me appreciate touring with Squeeze which provides catering and the sound of songs plugged in. I love both.

Can you summarise how you feel the music industry has most changed since you were first releasing music in the 70s - for better or worse?

The industry is very different than it was back then, today it’s all about streaming. Back then it was all about singles and albums. I feel good about the changing of times but feel very happy that I grew up when records were all there was.

Who influenced – and still influences – you in the music industry?

I feel influenced by people that embrace change, and lyrically say something about the world around them. Dave, Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys being just a few of those.

Which did you find more inspiring when it comes to song writing, living in New York or living back in the UK?

New York was all about the album Argy Bargy which was mostly written there. I find most places inspiring, even the darkest of situations can inspire.

Do you have a favourite venue to perform at?

There are so many, The Albert Hall would be one, another would be a Village Hall or Church in a small village, I'm at home on all stages these days. Glastonbury is the most spiritual of them all.

Is there a particular performance that you regard as the most memorable?

Playing Glastonbury moved me like no other show, it was like a giant curtain came around us all and gathered us in its warmth. The crowd, the songs and the band all came together as one, it was magical.

What are you listening to right now?


Chris is heading out on tour later this month, and last chance tickets are still available!

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