5 Minutes with Great British Bake Off Star and The Cake & Bake Show's Briony Williams

For the first time, exceptional baker and well-loved Great British Bake Off  star Briony Williams will be coming to The Cake & Bake Show London 2019, for an unmissable long weekend of top baking tips, demonstrations from the experts, jaw-dropping cake displays, plus delicious produce and top equipment for you to take home.

We spoke to Briony about her time on GBBO, baking for beginners, and why you must visit The Cake & Bake Show this year.

As this is your first appearance at The Cake & Bake Show, what can we expect to see from you throughout the event?

I am absolutely thrilled to be coming to The Cake & Bake show! I will be demonstrating pastry skills, vegan baking and there will be lots of chocolate! I will be bringing lots of energy and will show everyone how much fun baking can be.

What else can we expect from The Cake & Bake Show this year, and why should we visit?

There are loads of awesome bakers showing off their skills, there are things for the kids to do, there are so many wonderful exhibitors. It is going to be a baker’s heaven!

What made you decide to take part in The Great British Bake Off, and has the show changed your life at all?

I applied on a whim and really never thought I would get on, I never in a million years believed I was good enough to get through but I thought I would just send off the application. And the rest is history! My life has changed in lots of ways with new opportunities and exciting prospects. It has been such an incredible experience and I have loved every minute!

Since becoming one of the nation’s most loved and watched TV shows, have you noticed a difference in the baking industry since the rise of GBBO?

I think GBBO has done so much for the baking industry. It is a very wholesome show that people watch as a family which means the kids get excited about baking and want to try it. It has brought baking back to the mainstream and got the next generation involved.

People still seem to be intimidated at the thought of baking at home (I know I am!) Do you have any tips for a first-time baker?

Practice! If something goes wrong, try it again and it will get better. I learnt everything from Youtube so definitely use that resource to help guide you when you are baking.

What’s a must have kitchen gadget for any baker, amateur or professional?

A stand mixer! It makes baking so much easier!

Is there a dish that you hate baking, but love eating?

I love filo pastry but it is so fiddly that I normally buy it ready made (don’t tell Paul and Prue!).

What’s your most and least favourite thing to bake?

I love baking cakes and pastry but I am not as keen baking bread as it takes such a long time.

What’s the biggest and best show-stopper you’ve ever baked?

I have baked a lot of wedding cakes for friends and family. These always have to be so beautiful and perfect that these are definitely the ultimate showstoppers.

If you entered the Cake & Bake Show’s Illusion Cake themed Cake Competition, what would you create?

I would love to try to make the pancake illusion cake that Liam made in the 2017 GBBO, that looked amazing!

What cake best describes you?

Ooh, good question! Probably a light Victoria sponge as I am a big softie.

You can see Briony on the 4th October at The Cake & Bake Show London 2019, where she'll be cooking up a delicious vegan chocolate cake and other treats!

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