"No matter who you are, Disney continues to create characters that audience members can relate to!": A Q&A with Disney On Ice performer Chloe Wagner

For decades Disney On Ice has been capturing the hearts of both young and old with their magical, ice-skating shows, and their current tours, Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic and Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, are no different. We spoke to Chloe Wagner about life as a Disney On Ice performer, her favourite Disney characters, and why the legacy of Disney is still so strong.

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How long does it take you to perfect your performance?

Every performance is different and with that comes new ways of improving every day. The amount of time it can take to create perfection can sometimes take 5 minutes, days or years depending on what part of the show we are working on. No matter what we are always consistent on making every show the best it can be!

Do you stay in the same character the entire time?

I do not stay in the same character all the time and it’s actually one of my favourite parts of my job! As an ensemble skater my roles vary day to day which keeps me on my toes and ready for new roles!

Who is your favourite character in the show?

My favourite character in the show Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years Of Magic is Elsa! She is so powerful and graceful at the same time giving any audience member an opportunity to fall in love with the story of Frozen.

What’s been your favourite costume to wear? Ice skating in such an elaborate costume must be challenging.

My favourite costume to wear is at the top of the show in our Pinocchio segment where I am a Can-Can girl! The costume makes us look like classic toy shop dolls with a full hand painted bodysuit with a bright blue and red dress. The dress is detailed with hand glued crystals and big ruffles underneath the skirt making the costume look effortlessly beautiful. To top it all of we have big feathery hairpieces and bold red necklaces to accessorise and complete the look.

What sort of training do you have to do in order to be physically prepared for the show?

One way we prepare is before every show we have a full cast 15-minute warm-up! Another way is either practising our elements on the ice before or after shows keeping our feet under us and ready for an audience!

Who is your all-time favourite Disney character and why?

My all-time favourite Disney character is Cinderella. She always reminds me of the classic and glamorous Disney tales I grew up with! You can also find her in our show Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years Of Magic!

Why do you think the legacy of Disney has lasted so long, with new generations still falling in love with the films?

I think that Disney has lasted so long because no matter who you are Disney continues to create characters that audience members can relate to! Some of our newest members to the show are Bo Peep and Forky from Toy Story 4! The crowds both young and old love the ways these characters interact with the previous characters Woody, Buzz and Jessie! Our Toy Story segment is a prime example of the ever evolving legacy of Disney and how lovable each character is in their own way.

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