Why You Should Take a Tour of UK Parliament this Easter

Visiting London this spring? Then don't miss out on a tour around UK Parliament - the perfect entertainment during the Easter break! With fascinating history, larger-than-life characters and momentous occasions, there is plenty for all ages to get stuck into.

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A place where history is continuously being made, what makes a visit to UK Parliament so unique is the mix of old and new stories. From almost 1,000 years of political intrigue to where today's big-name politicians take centre stage, here you can go into the very rooms all this history took place - whether it be hundreds of years ago, or just yesterday.

Not only does the history change, but the building does too. From the medieval Westminster Hall that has survived it all, to the great architects and artists, fires and wartime bombings, and even tiny insects - all have left their mark.

For many visitors, a tour highlight is visiting the Commons Chamber. Close your eyes and image the atmosphere and noise when the Chamber is packed for Prime Minister's Questions or one of the many, other heated debates: "Order, order!". Most people say it looks smaller than it looks on television - why not decide for yourself?

Another must-see attraction at UK Parliament is the Lords Chamber. Designed to be the grandest room, you will be awestruck as you gaze upon the ornate gilded Throne that dominates the room - and rightly so, as this is the place where the three parts of Parliament - Monarchy, Lords and Commons - come together for the annual State Opening ceremony.  Don't let the bling captivate all your attention as it's easy to overlook the plain red seat, or Woolsack - an important part of the story. Find out why, and where it gets its name from, on a tour!

Throughout history, a lot of characters have graced the corridors of Westminster and you'll be following in a long line of famous and infamous visitors. However, not all of them were seeking a fun day out with friends - Guy Fawkes certainly didn't enter armed only with his lunch!

Discover UK Parliament for yourself this Easter with tours available on most days between 2 and 18 April. Book now for a guided, self-guided or family tour.

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Images: UK Parliament/Roger Harris

This article was a collaborative effort, written together by the See Tickets Marketing team; Georgia, Sarah, Hayley, Callum and Abi.

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