Artist Of The Month: Brian Wilson (March 2020)

Brian Wilson

A true legend and icon, Brian Wilson returns to the UK once again in 2020. He will perform his greatest hits and fan favourites from his career with The Beach Boys, alongside Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin. We can't wait to see the man himself in venues across the UK, performing some of the greatest songs ever written. That's why this month, he's our featured Artist of the Month.

Since childhood, Brian Wilson had been encouraged to follow a path involving music. His musically talented father Murray Wilson provided all his children with music lessons. Brian started performing in a group - Carl and the Passions - in high school, with his cousin Mike Love and brother Carl Wilson. They would later meet Al Jardine, who still performs with Wilson today, following one of their performances. A few years later, the group would come to be known as the band we all know and love: The Beach Boys.

Brian Wilson is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative and significant songwriters of the 20th century. Often referred to as genius, his techniques and skills were often experimental, while his songwriting was spontaneous and emotional.

In the early 1960’s, inspired to combine multi-part vocal harmony with the rock rhythms of Chuck Berry, Brian found his place in music. He was barely out of his teens when he began to create some of the most beloved records ever.

Brian Wilson was responsible for co-writing huge international hits such as 'Good Vibrations', 'God Only Knows', 'Surfin' USA' and so many more over the course of several decades. He has become a household name and global music icon.

See Brian Wilson live on tour in May & June 2020! Tickets are on sale now.

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