The One With See Tickets' Ultimate Friends Quiz

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In celebration of FriendsFest, one of our favourite events of the year, we've created the ultimate Friends quiz. It's a toughie: do you think you're up to the challenge? Are you a super fan, or just a casual viewer?

This summer, FriendsFest will be returning, in partnership with The Luna Cinema, with brand new and exclusive activities and merchandise for visitors and Friends fans!

Fans will be treated to new photo op experiences including the iconic "Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?" moment, putting on all of Chandler's clothes just like Joey - just make sure you don't do any lunges!

As well as all of these new elements, the event will still feature the very best from previous years. So, that includes Monica's apartment, Joey and Chandler's apartment complete with corridor, Central Perk, original memorabilia, PIVOT!, Recreate the Titles, Thanksgiving Floating heads and Ross's apartment. Plus a whole host of other activities including a brand-new interactive Friends quiz and themed food and drink.

There will be brand new and exclusive FriendsFest merchandise. And, for the first time ever, we are giving fans the chance to pre-order some of the most popular items when they buy their ticket!

Tickets are on sale now.

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This article was a collaborative effort, written together by the See Tickets Marketing team; Georgia, Sarah, Hayley, Callum and Abi.

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