Carview-20: A Q&A With Founders Emmanuelle Benjamin, Nathalie and Nicole Wojakovski

We spoke to one of the people behind the new drive in cinema experience about what to expect from the ultimate socially distanced night out, how the event idea came about and more...

How did the idea for Carview-20 come about?

As the country went into lockdown, we realised that communities were being completely deprived of entertainment and we worried about the summer ahead of us. We felt that a drive-in cinema was the perfect form of safe and fun entertainment, during these unprecedented times. We therefore launched Carview-20 with the hope of restoring the public’s sense of normality - somewhat. Beyond coronavirus, we were very excited to launch Carview-20 as very few drive-in cinemas operate in the UK. Since our launch, we have been overwhelmed with the support and excitement that our drive-in cinema has prompted.

You’re all university students, putting an event on to this scale is very impressive, has it been challenging making it happen?

Initially, when we thought of launching a drive-in our main concerns centred around finding a field and a cinema screen. Our work has undoubtedly been a lot more than what we initially expected and it has definitely been a challenge to organise an event of this magnitude. That being said, working towards such a momentous event has been incredibly fulfilling and has also been a great learning curve. Most importantly, the encouragement and excitement that we have received from others in the run-up to Carview-20s drive-in cinema has really driven motivation.

Is this the first event like this that you’ve put on? 

We are all university students who have had some experience with running events at university. However, we never dreamed of organising a drive-in cinema of this scale. Watching everything come together in the run up has made us very excited about what the future holds.

Was it something you had been working on for a while or was it something you put together due to the current situation?

To be honest, none of us had ever thought about launching a business during university, not to mention a drive-in cinema. We launched Carview-20 in response to the coronavirus pandemic when we wondered how people would be able to experience a night out with social distancing guidelines in place. Even so, considering that drive-in cinemas are a novelty in the UK we are keen and looking forward to running Carview-20 when social distancing guidelines have relaxed.

You’ve said that the event is set in an enchanted woodland which sounds amazing…what can people expect when they come to the see a film at Carview-20?

Our drive-in is set in Aldenham Country Park -  an enchanted scenic woodland in the Countryside where customers will get to experience a night under the stars filled with timeless classics and nationwide favourites. Whilst being well-located in North London we want people  to feel like they are experiencing a real night out and have ventured somewhere special. Delicious cinema snacks and appetizers will be brought directly to customers' car windows by our carhops, so that they do not have to leave the comfort of their car. Furthemore, we invite customers to enjoy some comedy, music and food whilst the sun sets before the start of the film.

We even have an on site windscreen cleaning service for an uncompromising view!

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