How Well Do You Know HAIM?


In the latest of our How Well Do You Know quizzes, we're shining the spotlight on HAIM. Having just released their third album to rave reviews, HAIM are the band of the moment. So, how well do you know them? Take our quiz and let us know your score - we bet you can't get 100%!

#1. Name the three members of HAIM


Name HAIM's three studio albums

#2. Album One:

It's 'Days are Gone'

#3. Album Two:

It's 'Something To Tell You'

#4. Album Three:

It's 'Women in Music Pt III'


#5. HAIM's sound is often compared to that of Fleetwood Mac. Which song did HAIM perform with Stevie Nicks for The New York Times?


#6. While all members of HAIM are proficient in multiple instruments, which sister plays which instrument during live shows?


#7. Which film soundtrack did HAIM feature on in 2014?


#8. Which of these acts did not appear as support on the Sister Sister Sister World Tour in 2018?


#9. In what unusual venues did HAIM play their first shows in support of their most recent album 'Women in Music Pt III'?


#10. Danielle Haim contributed extensively to an album by which rock band in 2019?


#11. Which HAIM member once performed as part of CeeLo Green's backing band, but turned down a tour deal to work with her sisters instead?


#12. Which song on 'Days Are Gone' was the title track of their first EP in 2012?



Wow, you sure know your stuff! You're a true HAIM fan.

We think you need to brush up on your HAIM knowledge!

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