How Well Do You Know One Direction?

With the group celebrating their 10th anniversary today (23rd July), we thought we'd put your 1D knowledge to the test! How well do you know One Direction? Let's find out below! You can check out the rest of our How Well Do You Know quizzes here!

#1. What TV music competition brought the group together?


#2. How many original members were there in 1D?


#3. What place did 1D come on the X Factor in 2010?


#4. What was the bands first debut single?


#5. In 2016, which well known cartoon did the group appear in?


#6. How old was Liam when he first auditioned for The X Factor?


#7. Which Kings of Leon member has a matching tattoo with Harry?


#8. What Harry Potter prop did Liam buy?


#9. When did Zayn leave the group?


#10. Which members share the same middle name – James?



Great job! You are clearly a huge 1D fan, and we can't blame you. Here's to the next 10 years!
It doesn't seem like your 1D's biggest fan, but a great try!



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