#LetTheMusicPlay: Support for Artists, Crew, and Individuals Working in the Music Industry

Last month, the music industry came together in support of the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign. The aim of the campaign was to urge the UK government to intervene in supporting the live music sector.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many venues faced the threat of permanent closure. Having shut their doors for the foreseeable future back in March, the UK did not see a single event take place for months. Indoor events still not permitted to take place under current government guidance.

Thanks to the efforts of this campaign, and the support it received around the country, the government pledged to inject £1.57bn into the arts sector.

Now, the music industry is calling for clarity and guidance from the government on where these funds will be distributed. It is important to know how they will support not only arts venues themselves, but the individuals who help to make the UK arts and music scene as crucial and thriving as it once was.

Speaking to NME, Featured Artists Coalition General Manager David Martin revealed his concerns about this government funding, and where it is needed:

"We’re asking that in distributing funds, thought is given to ensuring the whole pipeline is served. A closed venue which has its overheads covered serves only to keep that venue in business a while longer, whereas subsidising that venue to be open at a reduced capacity, where safe to do so, helps to distribute finance throughout the supply chain to artists, crew, managers, agents and others who would otherwise get nothing [...] it is imperative that government funding is used to support the broadest cross-section of our industry. From artists to managers, crew to engineers – we must protect the individuals that make up our treasured music scenes."

See what members of the music industry are saying below, and tweet your support using #LetTheMusicPlay.


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