It's Almost Time for the Classic Car Drive In Weekend!

The Classic Car Drive In Weekend takes place at Bicester Heritage between 18 and 20 September. We spoke to Bas Bungish, the event's sales director to find out more.

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Can you summarise the Classic Car Drive In Weekend for us in a nutshell?

The Classic Car Drive in Weekend is an outdoor event that gives you a chance to get out safely, be entertained and celebrate the best of classic cars at the end of a long and challenging summer. With a host of new and exciting things to do, this is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends and have a great day out together. From a classic car-themed drive in movie theatre screening a selection of the most iconic car movies to over 500 cars on display, 25 car clubs sharing their passion and love for classics, to track parades and a selection of retailers and dealers, it’s a great day out for anyone who loves cars… in any form.

The event combines a classic car show for enthusiasts with drive-in movies – has the drive-in element been a response to the current COVID situation or is it something you had wanted to do anyhow?

Brand Events, is an innovative and exciting event company that are always looking for new event ideas & challenges! The idea of a ‘drive in movie’ was certainly stimulated by the pandemic we find ourselves in, as it is one of the most effective and safest type of events that can be run in the UK at the moment.

Having also successfully toured our event ‘Drive & Dine’ across the country, we wanted to get the drive in aspect involved in one of our car shows… as it definitely follows the car theme we require! We’ve found that our customers love the drive in feature as it gives them the perfect opportunity to finally get out of their homes, kick their feet back in the comfort of their own car, enjoy delicious food & drink provided by us onsite & enjoy one of their favourite car movies in a beautiful setting!

What aspects of the event do you think will have particular appeal for the car fans out there?

Our drive in movie is completely unique to any other drive in done before… as ours is dedicated to screening only the most iconic car movies ever released! Movies range from one of the true sixties classics, The Italian Job, to action-packed Fast & Furious 7 and car-centric heist movie, Baby Driver which stars young getaway driver Ansel Elgort.
We are also delighted to be holding the event at Bicester Heritage, the home of historic motoring. It was previously an RAF site, that has now beautifully restored and re-activated for modern use, and is now the home for over 40 specialist classic car businesses. It’s the perfect setting for the show.

You are ensuring that people can enjoy this event whilst practising social distancing, what kind of measures have you put in place?

In these challenging times, we have focused our efforts on redesigning the traditional event, to ensure that our visitors feel safe at all times. Whilst we are monitoring all government advice and regulations on a daily basis, we have implemented many social distancing measures to ensure we offer a risk-free entertainment experience to all of our customers. Some of the measures we are putting into place:

Frequent signage will be installed throughout the event space to alert everybody to be mindful of social distancing and to help navigate around the site. In areas where we expect queuing, i.e. at the entrance to the event, points will be marked on the ground to show visitors where to stand and attendants will remind people where to stand.  Standing zones will be marked in front of exhibitor stands to ensure that only one bubble of visitors can access the stand at any one time. All staff working will be required to wear PPE throughout the duration of the event.  Plus much more. You can find more information on this on the FAQ’s section on our website:

And finally, if there was any car you could sit back and watch a classic drive-in movie in, what would it be?

My ultimate favourite classic car has to be the Shelby Cobra 427. I think it is one of the most beautiful looking, timeless and loud classics out there and it certainly wouldn’t fail to stand out from the car crowd at a drive in movie theatre!

Tickets for the Classic Car Drive In Weekend are on sale now

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