5 Minutes With Scouting For Girls' Drummer, Peter Ellard

With their huge tour quickly approaching and new album 'Easy Cover' being released this month (23rd April!), we thought we'd grab a quick chat with Scouting For Girls' drummer Peter Ellard. Find out more about their upcoming tour, festival season and of course, their huge hit 'She's So Lovely'. Don't forget to grab tickets to their new tour and also see them live when they perform at Foodies Festival!

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Let’s start from the beginning... How did you all meet?

Roy was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar when I met him. Greg and Roy went to school together.

Do you all still get excited to get out on the road? What are you most looking forward to?

Depends on the road. The M1 can be a right bugger around Luton at the moment! But these days we're looking forward to just playing to anybody. Summer just isn't summer unless you can sit in a field listening to music in my opinion!

You've been together for over 15 years, what's your secret to your long-standing relationship as a band?

Having a mortgage! You’ll be surprised how well and how long you can get on with people when the bills come out of your bank account each month!

We have to ask - did you expect ‘She's So Lovely’ to become such a huge hit?

No - Never! We just hoped it would do enough so we could release another single, then an album, and then hopefully get a second album to keep going. The aim was to keep at it, without a proper job for as long as possible.

We’re really looking forward to festival season here at See Tickets! Do you have a favourite festival you’ve played?

We just like being out of the house and playing live, so we enjoy all of them! (But mainly ones that See Tickets are involved in - and ones with good catering!)

It has been a strange past year for us all, what have you all been doing to keep busy during this downtime?

I know... Roy’s been working on other music for people with limited success - and writing a secret musical.

Greg’s a bass player so they’re never really that busy! So, just the same as usual really. I’ve been writing my autobiography! It’s quite short and I’m not going to lie, the other two come out of it very badly!

Thanks for letting us speak with you – we're really looking forward to seeing you live at the end of this year! 😊

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you all as soon as we are allowed out to play!

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This article was a collaborative effort, written together by the See Tickets Marketing team; Georgia, Sarah, Hayley, Callum and Abi.

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