How Well Do You Know...The Weeknd

How Well Do You Know The Weeknd

The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, first stepped into the music scene over a decade ago, releasing mixtapes as an underground artist. He has since garnered a mass following and critical recognition. His earlier sound incorporated dark undertones within the contemporary R&B genre, and over the years he has developed his sound to include further genres of pop and electro-pop. Throughout the decade he has become one of the best selling musical artists globally, having sold millions of records worldwide.  With a shelf full of music awards and chart toppers, The Weeknd has made a significant stamp in the music industry.

With him heading out on his tour next year, we thought it might be fun for you to test your knowledge of the singer below before seeing him live...

#1. In what year did The Weeknd release his album 'Trilogy'?


#2. Which artist did he collaborate with on songs ‘Love Me Harder’, ‘Off The Table’ and most recently, a remix of ‘Save Your Tears’ ?


#3. What 2015 movie did The Weeknd feature on the soundtrack to with his song ‘Earned It’?


#4. What was The Weeknd’s first number one single?


#5. What year was the singer born?


#6. What star sign is he?


#7. In which music video did he appear with an exaggerated plastic surgery aesthetic?


#8. How many Grammys has he won?



Well done! You know your stuff!

Better brush up on your knowledge so you can do better next time!

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