5 Minutes With Liz Lawrence

5 Minutes with Liz Lawrence

Following on from the success of her first two albums 'Bedroom Hero' (2012) and 'Pity Party' (2019), Liz Lawrence has announced her new upcoming album 'The Avalanche' due for release in September, alongside a headline UK tour for this autumn. We spoke to the indie-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist to find out about the new album, her upcoming live shows and her music influences…

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If you could collaborate with one artist or band, who would you pick and why?

Gorillaz - I just love all the flavours they bring into the work and the sense that it’s both pop and experimental.

What is your favourite song of yours to perform live?

Honestly, I’m not sure, I’ve released quite a lot of music during the lockdowns so I’m really excited to get out and play some of it live and get a feel for it in the live space. Not going to lie though, I love playing 'None Of My Friends' and hearing people singing along.

You recently announced your new upcoming album 'The Avalanche', what can we expect from the album?

Lots of movement and colour, it’s quite playful. I’m trying to rid myself of cynicism so I’ve tried to use a bit of humour instead to talk about our faults and successes as human beings on this tough old planet.

Why did you choose ‘Where the Bodies are Buried’ and ‘Down For Fun’ as the first singles to be released from the new album? 

I wanted to come in with a bang and just get straight to the point that this record is a step on from 'Pity Party' and I’m not here to be polite, sorry, thank you.

What artists and experiences have made the most impact on your sound and song-writing? 

You know I think the main thing is time, when I first got into music I had no idea about anything really. I love listening to music and always feel so inspired by the best, it pushes me to keep working in the studio to bring together interesting and diverse compositions. The more I see and hear the more I work and grow.

We read that last summer you left London and moved back to your hometown in the West Midlands – what inspired the move, and what influence do you think each of these places has made on your music? 

The decision was ultimately down to space. I was tired of making records on headphones so I don’t bother the neighbours, I always felt really claustrophobic in London when I was trying to work. It’s so hard to find a way to be free, so moving out was an attempt to combat that. Me and my Dad built a studio here last summer where I can make as much noise as I like and Ivy, my 90 year old neighbour, gives me cucumbers from her garden.

If someone reading has never attended one of your live shows, what could they expect from it? 

Hopefully joy and pleasure, quite a lot of intensity sometimes too. I think I invite people to be in the moment with me there. I don’t leave anything behind when I get off stage.

What are you most looking forward to about getting back on tour?

All of it, everything, the service station hotels, the vans, seeing the country through the window, finding the best spots in each city for coffee or food or drinks, trying to find wifi or signal in basement venues, playing my heart out and going to bed each night knowing that I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

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