5 Minutes with Justin Currie of Del Amitri

May saw the release of 'Fatal Mistakes' - the first album Del Amitri have released since 2002. Prior to this hiatus, the band had released six studio albums between 1985 and 2002 and achieved successes in the UK and US charts. The Scottish alt rock band are now back, and with the first line off the album boldly stating 'you can't go back', this new record signals a new chapter for the band.

We had the chance to speak with Del Amitri's founding member Justin Currie about how it feels to be releasing music again, what the recording process was like and their upcoming tour this autumn.

What was it like releasing Del Amitri's frst studio album since 2002?

Terrifying. There was such a focus on the chart placing I became convinced it was going to bomb. And we had no idea how our fans would receive it. So far, no one has slated it on Twitter but I haven’t looked into every dark crevice. 


We read that you finished recording ‘Fatal Mistakes’ the night before the UK went into lockdown – how was that experience?

Mad panic. The virus was closing in by the day as we approached the third and final week of the session. We got all the gear out on the Thursday, worried they were going to shut the country down on the Friday. We finished the last overdubs at midnight on the Saturday, then bolted home on the Sunday. Lockdown started Monday. Utterly surreal. As I was driving north from Vada studios in the midlands a line of police vehicles appeared in my rearview and halted all four lanes of motorway behind me. F**k knows what that was about. I just kept driving. 


How do you think Glasgow has influenced your sound/music?

The Glasgow thing is a sort of art take on guitar pop. It’s sweet, sarcastic and a little bit weird. Think Orange Juice, The Blue Nile, Belle and Sebastian or Franz Ferdinand. It all comes from Postcard with a dollop of Fast Product. It jangles but it hides a dagger behind its mellow sparkle.  We are a kind of clodhopping Americana take on that. Like farmers given a typewriter and a violin. 


Who are some of your favourite artists to come out of Glasgow?

OJ, the Fanclub. The Blue Nile. Early Aztec Camera. The Leopards. The Delgados. Lots of stuff. 


What are you most looking forward to about getting back on tour and performing in front of a live audience?

Getting out of house arrest. Seeing a crowd. Waking up in a different town. Seeing how the new stuff translates to the stage. 


What is your favourite song from ‘Fatal Mistakes’?

Nation Of Caners. 


What have been some of your favourite albums released so far this year?

I have yet to hear one. But that’s because I’ve not been listening to new things. I’ve been practicing! I’ll catch up on the road. That’s when I get the peace and quiet to concentrate. Home is so sad. 


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