5 Minutes With Yonaka: 'You Always Hope Every Song You Put Out Will Connect with as Many People as Possible..'

We sat down with Brighton-based rock band Yonaka to ask them a few questions ahead of their UK tour. They'll be kicking off at Manchester's O2 Ritz next January so have a read below and get to know the band before the show.

Your latest track ‘Seize the Power’ has earned over 10 million streams in just 10 months, did you have a feeling it would be this popular when you were writing/producing it?
You always hope every song you put out will connect with as many people as possible and with "Seize" the reception was awesome. It feels even better because it was the first tune we had put out since our last album and we wanted it to be a big statement like, "Hi people we're back!" We're usually so focused and absorbed in the process of writing and producing that there's not much time to think of anything else but as a track we collectively knew this one was gonna be the lead single/concept for the mix tape and get across the statement we wanted.

Where did the inspiration come from for ‘Seize The Power’?
It comes from the concept that you have the power to change anything in your life if you're willing to accept and embrace change and take the leap.

Your music seems to be geared around courage and self-certainty; how did you land on that theme?
Our last record was based around the idea of struggling with the onset of mental health and the impact it had. With Seize the Power, we wanted to try and show the other side of that by writing about how owning your imperfections is powerful and should be celebrated.

You’ve recently announced a 10-date UK tour which is super exciting; are you looking forward to playing a particular city more than the rest and why?
We cannot wait for the tour! Manchester and Glasgow are always highlights on any one we've done previously, we can't wait for London as well, Kentish Town is such an awesome venue.

What do you look forward to most about going on tour together?
The best thing about being on tour is getting to explore different cities every day and hunt out the best Mexican and Sushi spots. Obviously playing to our lil Creatures every night as well.

During lockdown, we all had a few artists that kept us going on rainy days – who were yours and what track was always on repeat?
Alex was listening to a lot of Blake Mills, Rob revisited a lot of older 1940's bands like Ink spots, Theresa was listening to Lady Gaga's entire discography and George was blasting out Bring Me The Horizon.

If there was any song you wish you’d written, what would it be?
Bohemian Rhapsody

Your electric stage presence is undeniable… and with outfits to match! Do you style yourselves or is there a mastermind behind the wardrobe?
That's all us baby! We all loved artists like Bowie and bands like T-rex growing up, like it's important as an artist to always re-invent and develop your image along with your music.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Kanye, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler the Creator

What can we expect to see from Yonaka in 2022?
Lots of new music and touring, we have been writing a bunch of new exciting stuff and can't wait to get on the road to play it to everyone.

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