5 Minutes With Honeyglaze

Honeyglaze are set to be one of the most exciting bands across 2022 and beyond. With their self-titled debut album set for release later this month which coincides with support slots for Wet Leg - followed by a headline tour of their own, the Speedy Wunderground signees will soon be a household name for those on the hunt for the 'next exciting thing.'

We caught up with the trio to discuss all things happening in their camp right now.

Firstly – you’re opening for Wet Leg across April, how does it feel to be part of that tour?

Anouska: Lovely, beautiful people. Can’t wait!
Tim: Lucky.
Yuri: Very privileged and excited. Supporting them at Night & Day in Manchester last year on their first headline show was a banger of a night, and to be able to do that for 9 more times again is something I’m very much looking forward to.

Perhaps more excitedly, you’ll be headlining your own run of shows in May – how does it feel to be gearing up for those shows?

Anouska: Super surreal to think that anyone’s buying tickets to see us specifically after playing only support shows for so long.
Tim: Impatient.
Yuri: It’s sick. It’s our first headline tour so we don’t really know what to expect, but feel very fortunate to just be able to do one!

Your self-titled debut album is released in between the two tours – what can we expect from it?

Anouska: Pungent.
Tim: Medium long.
Yuri: Meatball marinara.

Are there tracks on the LP that you’re still figuring out how to perform live or has the creation process given you ample opportunity to prepare for the live circuit?

Anouska: I think we’ve had time since recording the album to push the songs even further than before.
Tim: No.
Yuri: Quite the opposite, these songs were formed in a live setting and how we recorded it was very much live too, so I feel like that part comes quite naturally. I think what came out of the music the most from rehearsing and recording the album intensively is the scale of intensity when we play live. Pre-meeting Dan, our shows were less dynamic - now the big loud bits are very very loud and the quieter bits are much more controlled.

Similarly, which tracks are you most looking forward to playing?

Anouska: Our Barry Manilow cover is always my favourite.
Tim: 'Burglar'.
Yuri: 'Burglar'.

You’ve been championed by the likes of NME, DIY and The Line Of Best Fit – does this add a certain pressure to you or does the reassurance help when you’re preparing for live shows, writing, etc.?

Anouska: …
Tim: Yes! We are blushing!
Yuri: I think mainly reassurance - it feels nice to be recognised.

You worked with producer Dan Carey for the album – what were the main takeaway points from being in the studio with one of the modern greats?

Anouska: Rock out.
Tim: Music.
Yuri: Simply vibes

What else can we expect from Honeyglaze across 2022 and beyond?

Anouska: We’re writing a 4 hour concept musical that involves quick change.
Tim: There’s a lot you could say about that, but the main point is really a general sense of going forward, really. As a band, our big thing is really the music. Doing music, playing music, and just generally having music. After our album comes out there’s going to be a lot of stuff that we’re doing, but more importantly we’ll have a lot to say about where we go from here, much like how we said where we were going before we got here.
Yuri: More bloating

Tickets for Wet Leg's tour have fully sold out, but a limited amount remain for Honeyglaze's headline tour next month.

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