5 Minutes With Darwin Deez

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut album - Darwin Deez – will be heading to the UK this month for what promises to be a nostalgia kick. Set to perform the album in full across 11 cities throughout May, including Manchester, Nottingham and London.

We caught up with Darwin to talk about memories, how it all began, and what we can expect to see in the future!



How does it feel to be gearing up for a 10-year anniversary tour, does it feel like 10 years have passed?

The last two years do not feel like they passed at all (pandemic). I feel sluggish and dead inside (for reasons other than the tour), but hopefully, rehearsals will get me into a better headspace.

 Is there anything, in particular, you’ve missed about touring?

Being around my bandmates. They're my best friends.

 Are there any venues or cities you’re looking forward to or really enjoy performing at?

Berlin. I really like the Michelberger hotel that we stay at when we play there.

 What are your favourite tracks to play from the self-titled album – Darwin Deez?

"The City" is really fun.



How did you start out making music?

My parents bought me a guitar for my 11th birthday. My dad showed me some chords. I took some lessons. Then I got a sampler when I was 13 and made electronic music for a few years. Animal Collective inspired me to pick up the guitar again at 18. I found my lyrical voice at an open mic in NYC.

 Which key artists influence your work and where do you look if you need to be inspired now?

Jacob Ciocci (Extreme Animals) has been a huge influence on me. And for inspiration, nothing beats cute girls.

 What process do you go through in creating a track – and have these changed over the past decade?

I used to start with a guitar riff. On my second album that changed to starting with writing the lyrics.

 What are your ambitions for the future, what can we expect to see?

I'd like to mix and produce for more bands like MEMES (Scotland), who I’ve been producing recently.



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