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Hatchie is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician. She has released an EP, 'Sugar & Spice' (2018) and two studio albums: 'Keepsake' (2019) and 'Giving the World Away' (2022). Gearing up for a UK tour, we caught up with Hatchie to talk live performances, life lessons and her future plans.

Firstly, you released ‘Giving the World Away’ back in April and will soon be heading out across the UK later this month – how does it feel like to have live dates in the UK to look forward to, are you excited to be playing your new songs?

It honestly feels surreal to finally be heading back to the UK this month! It’s been so long since we were last over. The new songs are really enjoyable to play live, I’m happy we are finally able to play to crowds that know them.

Is there a particular story behind the album title?

It’s the name of a song on the record, which is about not being so hard on yourself and what you give to others. 

Are there any lessons you’ve taken from your career journey so far? 

I guess to try to stay optimistic and open to new experiences despite what your head is telling you but trust your gut.

Is there a standout song to you on the album that took you by surprise once it was finished?

I wasn’t ever expecting to play ‘The Key’ live, we just added it to the show to balance out the set for this tour and it’s taken on a whole new form for me. I’m surprised by how many people were requesting it.

What would you say has changed the most from a songwriting and performing POV since you started out?

I experiment more and have more confidence in my abilities. I still have phases when I feel like a total imposter and have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just better at pushing through and faking it ‘til I make it. 

Did you have a light-bulb moment in music, were you surrounded by it as a child, or did you have any major influences? 

I was always interested in pursuing music from a young age as I went to loads of shows and listened to music constantly at home. I was heavily influenced by my older siblings and parents’ taste so I honestly can’t remember when a switch flipped or anything like that. When I was a kid all my role models were pop stars or all-male bands and I didn’t feel like I could fit into either of those categories, so it didn’t feel realistic for me until I actually released my first single as Hatchie and people responded to it. 

Who are you listening to a lot of at the minute, any recommendations? 

I’ve been revisiting old favourite albums lately, like ‘Bandwagonesque’ by Teenage Fanclub, ‘Republic’ by New Order, and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart’s self-titled album. 

Is there anyone you’d really like to collab with?

I’m so lucky that I’ve already collaborated or toured with some of my idols like Robin Guthrie, Kylie and Alvvays. I’d love to work with someone from The Horrors or New Order, Guy Sigsworth or William Orbit.

Looking ahead, what’s your plan for the future? 

Tour as much as possible and stay healthy!


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