Symphonic Universe: The Music of The Avengers and Beyond

Are you a Marvel fan? Well you won't want to miss this. Take a bold leap into another dimension with Symphonic Universe: The Music of The Avengers and Beyond this October, the new show that is out of this world!

Robert Ziegler has arranged some astoundingly epic pieces to showcase crucial scenes in some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most iconic movies, with the London Concert Orchestra performing the spine-tingling music live. Presented by BBC Radio 1's Ali Plumb, you'll hear interpretations of pivotal musical moments from The Avengers, Star Wars, Guardians of the Glaxy, Iron Man, Batman, The Dark Knight Rises and so many more.

So what can fans expect from the show ?

What is it about the music that is so special?

So book now and escape into a realm where superheroes soar, villains rampage, lightsabres clash and mythical gods fight alongside humans, all soundtracked by some of the most incredible scores ever created by true masters of the art.

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