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Having recently released their new single 'Pearly Whites' ahead of their UK Tour kicking off this month, we caught up with Fizzy Blood to find out more about the upcoming debut album 'Pan AM Blues', what to expect from the shows and more.

Check out the full interview below.


Fizzy Blood is a very unique name, can you tell us how you came up with that?

Paul: Ben (vocals) & I were sat in my Dad’s kitchen having decided we were going to start the band on the basis of some demos I’d written which later became the Feast EP. At the time we were listening to a lot of  Reuben and we had the radio on in the background when we were discussing what to call the band. The radio presenter piped up with something like  "That was Jamie Lenman with his comeback single and it’s called Fizzy Blood”.
That makes it sound like it was a sign but really, we just looked at each other and thought “that sounds good, we’ll have that”


You’ve been working on Pan AM Blues (your debut album due to be realised on 13/01/23 and short thriller series) over a period of 4 years, I can only imagine it’s been a labour of love. How would you sum up the album in 3 words?
Jake: Retro, Dystopian, Evocative
Paul: Really good songs


What inspired you to create the retro-futuristic thriller series?
Jake: We’ve always got so much enjoyment from making music videos and visuals have always been a massive part of the band's identity, so when it came to releasing our debut album we wanted to push things as far as possible. We’re all massive fans of cinema and television that hold a mirror up to society and we wanted to do it ourselves, after a lot of different scripts and ideas we settled on our storyline and created ‘Pan Am Blues’ a three-part thriller series that explores the album's themes.


You’ve recently released ‘Pearly Whites’ ahead of the November UK Tour, this track looks at important themes such as self-image and social media, can we expect to see personal and societal issues running throughout the album?
Jake: Yes very much so, we finished writing the record about two weeks before the first Covid-19 lockdown when we already felt like the world was ending, if only we knew what was around the corner. We then rushed into the studio as restrictions began to lift which was strange as we seemed to be living through the times we’d been writing about for the past two years. All of our output before this was very inward facing and I think as we matured as people we reached a point where there was so much going on in the world we had to write about it.


The tour kicks off in Birmingham on the 21st, how excited are you to get back out on the road with new material in tow? Do you have a favourite track to perform live?
Jake: Very excited, It’s the first time we’ve ever gone out on the road with an entirely new body of work and it’s refreshing, we feel like a different band and exploring new arrangements and genres has given us a new lease of life. My favourite track to perform is 'Centre of Nowhere', it’s our homage to disco and I can’t wait to get it out of the practice room and onto the stage.
Paul: I’m also really enjoying 'Centre of Nowhere', it’s been quite a challenge to get the new material working as well as the old stuff that we’ve been playing for years. Dynamically and instrumentally it’s a whole new space for us to inhabit and has taken us a while to get comfortable in it, but we feel like it’s really coming together now and we can’t wait to create hopefully a newer, more varied and more interesting experience for people coming out to the shows.


What would you say is your favourite thing about touring?
Jake: The people, we’ve met so many incredible people on the road over the years and created some lifelong memories I am so thankful for that would not have happened anywhere else.


What can we expect to see from Fizzy Blood in the future?

Jake: Honestly, I wish we knew, the only thing I can say is the next record won’t sound anything like this one and that concept excites the hell out of us.


Fizzy Blood tour starts next week! Pick up the final tickets here for Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester

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