Our Favourite Albums with Anniversaries in 2023

With 2023 days away, it only seemed right that we take a look back at some albums that will be celebrating their anniversary in the upcoming year. Whether it’s 10th, 20th or 50th album anniversary we’re delving deep into the past with offerings from blink-182, The National and others.

Take a look our picks and have a read of why it'd be great to see these albums being toured!

The National – 'Trouble Will Find Me'

People say ‘Boxer’ or ‘High Violet’ is their finest work, but for me ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ is the ultimate The National record and the one that elevated them to the next level. Packed with emotive ballads such as ‘Demons’, ‘Graceless’ and ‘Pink Rabbits’; TWFM remains as important now as it did a decade ago and to hear it played in full the same way The National did with ‘Boxer Live in Brussels’ back in 2017 would be incredible and a ‘must-book’ for me.’ They confirmed some ‘High Violet’ anniversary shows before COVID cancelled them, so praying they’ll add a TWFM tour to compensate for the disappointment of missing those!

blink-182 – 'blink-182'

2023 marks the 20th birthday of blink-182’s self-titled album and we have never felt more like Steve Buscemi. This album is unique in that it marks a change of pace from the band’s previous SoCal sound we’d grown accustomed to with previous albums, to a darker and broodier side, yet somehow it’s never been more blink. Travis Barker delivers beats that are instantly recognisable (‘I Miss You’ and ‘Feeling This’), Mark Hoppus’ basslines are still gluing everything together and Tom Delonge’s vocals deliver toime after time.

Fall Out Boy - 'Take This To Your Grave'

'Take This To Your Grave' was an alternative hit in the pop-punk scene and is still beloved by long-term Fall Out Boy fans. As the band has evolved over the past two decades, it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane, brush your hair across your face and hear some of the songs that haven’t been performed live in years.

Lorde - 'Pure Heroine'

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years since Lorde’s debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ was released. It was the soundtrack to those Tumblr infused teenage years, with iconic songs like ‘Royals’, ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Team’ playing all across the radio. Since then, the New Zealand singer-songwriter has continued to influence the indie/electro-pop space with her follow up albums ‘Melodrama’ and ‘Solar Power’. We’d love to see her perform the album in full to celebrate the record which shot her to superstardom.

The 1975 - 'The 1975'

The 1975's self-titled debut album celebrates its tenth anniversary next year and what an album it is. The album is real pop-rock offering from the band which encapsulates their now well-known electric, feet tapping sound. It's a very infectious debut album with some great riffs and drum beats and would be great to hear in full, live on stage.

Check out our playlist of notable mentions below and let us know on socials your top albums with an upcoming anniversary and why you'd love to catch it being toured.

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