5 Minutes With Hundred Reasons

Fifteen years since the release of their last record, Hundred Reasons are back with brand new album 'Glorious Sunset' and a UK tour to coincide with the release.

The shows kick off later this month alongside Hell Is For Heroes, so we caught up with the band to talk all things touring and what to expect from 'Glorious Sunset'.

Check out the full interview below.

Firstly you’re heading out across the UK across February and March – how does it feel to be preparing for life on the road yet again?

It's really cool as the band has already rehearsed and feeling great about how the show is coming together. We're also excited to play the new songs as the reaction has been really positive. It's also not like the old days as it is a few shows rather than the 2 month tours we used to do, so we feel relaxed but excited for it. It's been a really good feeling within the band playing together again.

What can fans expect from the 2023 live shows?

Luckily we can all still play so it's going to be a ton of fun with new songs and a good dive into our older material.

Your upcoming record, ‘Glorious Sunset’, is released just as the tour kicks off. Will you be playing a fair chunk of it on the road?

We will be playing the songs that have been released so far with a couple of those rotating.

Similarly, is it stressful to curate a setlist that will appease both the fans and yourselves?

Yes, it is. I am genuinely in a privileged position where I enjoy playing our songs so to me I'll always be happy but you also have to hope that you're playing what the fans want. We will however ensure we play most of the stuff they’re into as that's kind of the point. I don't like it when bands try to be all cool and play too much obscure material when people are coming along for the bigger tracks. There will however be a few tracks that we don't normally play, the set is long enough to have them in it.

For ‘Glorious Sunset’ you said that there was no labouring over songs this time around – typically from a song-writing POV are Hundred Reasons a band who will obsess over reaching ‘perfection’, or do you try to keep the initial rawness and energy in the final mix?

I think that perfection is unachievable. I think just make sure you're happy with the end product. In the end, music is an art form and for me as long as the moment is captured and sounds good enough then that's fine by me. We all have our standards and ours is a high bar but as we all feel we operate in that area that whatever comes out will be strong and if it's not, then it's on the cutting room floor.

You’ve mentioned not wanting to revisit the past and end up on a nostalgia trip, does this add a certain pressure to your creative process in terms of developing your sound?

The very short answer is no. We have always written songs that we love and as long as we do that then it's fine. Our sound has always developed naturally and personally the band is not on a nostalgia trip. We got into the writing space and poured out what was within us and when we went to record, it was just a process of finessing what was already present in terms of ideas.

After the tour and the album launch, what else will Hundred Reasons be up to across 2023?

We have 2000 Trees festival which will be amazing but at the moment, there are genuinely no other shows at this time. Not even secret squirrel stuff that we can't announce!

Tickets for Hundred Reasons' shows alongside Hell Is For Heroes later this month are on sale now.

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