5 Minutes With Courtney Marie Andrews

Arizona born singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews returned last year with brand new LP, 'Loose Futures' - a record she committed to writing one song per day for.

This Spring, there are confirmed plans to showcase it live across the UK with full-band production.

We caught up to talk discuss the shows, the record and more.

Check out the full interview below.

Your latest record, ‘Loose Future’, has been out for a little while now – did you approach it any differently to previous releases?

It has been great to release it to the world, I think my only different approach was that I wrote a song a day for this record. For the first half the pandemic I had a really hard time writing, but once I put those blocks away and broke the walls down and started writing every day, the floodgates kind of opened and I realised that there's lots to write about.

Did strictly sticking to writing one song a day add a certain pressure, or was it quite freeflowing once you started?

It was a very daunting task at the start, but once I started writing it felt like the most freeing thing ever. I was going into the sessions telling myself that it doesn’t matter if today’s song is the best song I’ve written because there’s tomorrow, then the next day and so on. It made me much more in tune with my craft and gave me the confidence to write more loosely.

Is this method something you’re going to repeat going forward, or did you want it to be a one-time thing for ‘Loose Future’?

I imagine we’ll do it again in the future, and actually I find myself always writing now – even without the parameters of focusing on a record. I need to create on a daily basis, whether that’s a song, poem or painting in order to process everything around me. You’re able to reveal a lot about yourself and your subconscious once you get past the blocks.

You’re bringing the record to the UK later in the year, but played a small tour last year when 'Loose Future' dropped – how did those shows go down?

They were really fun. A lot of shows were stripped back with no PA or anything, so it was great to be in such an intimate setting. It will be fun to come back soon with the full band.

Do you prepare for shows with the band any differently to these solo performances, aside from the obvious.

I think they’re very different, but I love and enjoy both. Solo is a more intimate experience and I like to show the rawness of the songs, but with a band you get to watch people alongside you every night putting their take on the music. For ‘Loose Future’ specifically it is important for people to hear the depth of the band. The intention is for it to be out in the world and connect with people in a way that makes it quite a community record where people have their own connection with it, if that makes sense?

Some of the shows are incredibly intimate, like Brudenell in Leeds, then you have bigger shows at the likes of KOKO – is this differentiation something that goes through your mind when you’re sound checking?

It definitely used to! I used to think about it a lot when I was first touring, and even now I’ll get to a beautiful venue and think ‘this is amazing’. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do this, but ultimately, I try not to overthink how many tickets are sold or how daunting a venue is when I look out at it from the stage.

What else can we expect from you across 2023 and beyond?

We are working on lots of different things, so I am going to see which ones conspire first.

Remaining tickets for Courtney Marie Andrews are on sale now.

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