5 Minutes With Bleach Lab

Taking inspiration from the likes of Mazzy Star, it is clear to see the appeal of Bleach Lab within seconds of hearing their sound.

Following an impressive run of dates with Priestgate, and scheduled to play alongside We Are Scientists this Spring - we caught up with the band to discuss their latest EPs, what to expect moving forwards and the importance of broadening their audience.

Check out the full interview below.

You’ve just finished some shows with Priestgate as part of the DORK Hype List tour, and then you're heading straight back out with We Are Scientists – how does it feel to be preparing for life on the road again?

It has been almost a year since we went on our UK tour and these are the longest stretch of shows that we’ve done so far. We have a lot to look forward to this year, even though last year was pretty relentless. The nice thing about playing support dates is that we just have to turn up, hopefully win over some new fans and do our thing. We don’t have the pressure of having to sell the shows out in the same way as when we play headline dates, so we can just enjoy the opportunity of playing some big venues. Saying that, building different fan bases is really important so while playing with an artist with a similar sound is helpful, you have to try to experience both ends of the spectrum. We supported Yard Act a few years ago and thought we were going to get booed out of the room, but people were really nice to us and the guys in the band did a lot for us.

Does the added caveat of being tipped by DORK add a certain pressure, or does it allow you freedom to build on what they’ve seen already?

In my perspective from the past, there was a point where every time we had a gig coming up we’d be a bit nervous because so and so from wherever was coming to see us, but now we’re at a stage where we just want to perform and hopefully win over some new fans. Every fan and person in the crowd is as important as the press, but DORK have always been good to us so I think it is now more about us not letting them down.

Your EP, ‘If You Only Feel It Once’, was released back in November – has the reaction been what you’d hoped?

Yeah, it has been good. It was a very different EP stylistically to what we'd released before with a lot more production and time behind it. We put the first EP out just after we’d signed, so the dynamic was very different with having the label involved and writing a lot of it through lockdowns – but this time around a lot of the tracks came together quicker and easier.

Has working together in this way influenced more creativity amongst the band, perhaps you’ve kept some ideas back for an album?

We’re now at that strange point where we’re three EPs deep and people are clamouring for an album, and we have taken a lot of experience for the album sessions – however for the album I think we want to pull back a bit and offer an original sound.

Vinyl copies of ‘Nothing Feels Real’ sold out pretty quick, has the delays in physical production contributed to the long-awaited debut full length?

It was incredible! The EP sold amazingly well and we were delighted, but then we were limited with the production for the second release because we would have had to sort everything way in advance, which is a huge shame. We’ve told people that a vinyl pressing of ‘If You Only Feel It Once’ probably won’t happen for a long time because by the time we get to the front of the queue we’ll be launching the album, so don’t want to focus too heavily on the EP.

Aside from the shows, what else can we expect from Bleach Lab across 2023?

We're having to be really coy about this at the moment because of the timing, but there will be more music this year and we’ll be back out playing some headline shows later in the year. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes!

Remaining tickets for Bleach Lab's shows with We Are Scientists are on sale now.

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