On Rotation: Our Springtime Favourites

The warmer months are drawing in as spring kicks off to an exciting start, despite the up and down weather. The thought of more sun and warmer days gets us excited for the rest of the season and the fast approaching summer months, so it only made sense for this month's 'On Rotation' to be related to the excitement and feeling of spring.

We asked the team to send over two tracks that reminded them of spring, to help give you the perfect springtime playlist to set your mood right. So, get scrolling and check out this collection of wonderful hits.


You & Me Song – The Wannadies


I’m a sucker for songs that make me feel nostalgic, and this 1994 track from The Wannadies gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling that I crave when the weather starts warming up. Blast this out the speakers while driving around in the sun and I promise it’ll give you that feel good vibe you’re after.


Salad Days - Mac DeMarco


When Mac DeMarco’s album ‘Salad Days’ came out in April 2014, it became the soundtrack to my spring. Nine years on, ‘Salad Days’ is still a firm favourite of mine for those spring days sat in the park, cycling around or as a background track to evenings spent in the garden. It’s just happy, cosy vibes that makes you forget about those grey, winter days that we’re leaving behind for another year.


Size of the Moon - Pinegrove 


Since catching Pinegrove at Dot to Dot Manchester back in 2017 I’ve always associated Spring with the Montclair, N.J. band. The easy-listening soundscapes land somewhere between Midwest-emo, math-rock and contemporary country-rock – so perfectly accompany the lighter nights, warmer days and more colourful surrounding greenery.



Cough It Out - The Front Bottoms


Opening a track with the lyrics ‘It’s snowing right now I wish it was summer, but when the summer rolls around I’ll wish I was freezing’ epitomises spring time for me. I don’t think we’ll ever get used to those few weeks of needing to wear a jacket when leaving the house but being in a t-shirt by noon, to be honest, and the innate-British-pessimist will always be hoping for whatever weather we aren’t experiencing.


this is what falling in love feels like - JVKE


Opening with the beautiful crescendo of violin strings and the sounds of tweeting birds, this song emphasises the complete joy and wonder of falling in love. With the opening line 'Feel like sun, on my skin', this song is a perfect set up for that sense of springtime romance, along with the feeling of new chapters and beginnings, which we know spring to be associated with. This is a must-have for your spring playlist.


Loving You - Thomas Headon


The heart-on-your-sleeve ode to someone 'Loving You' by Thomas Headon is a song that immediately gives me the feelings of spring time. The song jumps straight in with an upbeat; feel-good beat and melody which makes you imagine you're lying in a sunny field on a warm spring day. Headon himself stated that 'Loving You' was "like the birthing of something really new to me", which, for me, goes perfectly in line with the season of spring and new beginnings.


Waves – Mr Probz, Chris Brown, T.I. (Robin Schulz Remix)


The chill but pop beat of this song instantaneously reminds me of a sunny day, simultaneously it’s a calming song as well as one that makes you bop along. The lyrics talk about the beach and waves and that’s exactly what you imagine when listening along.


Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles 


A classic Harry Styles song, and one that again will probably remind you of a brighter spring / summer day. Watermelon Sugar is definitely a song I can imagine playing whilst sat in the garden on a sunny spring day. With its guitar and horn beat it’s hard to not think of sunnier times and sing at the top of your lungs when listening to this song.


Dreams - Fleetwood Mac 


I feel like pretty much anything by Fleetwood Mac can be associated with sunnier days, Dreams has that irresistible melody with a laid-back rhythm, it paints the picture of floating about in a 70s kimono on a hazy spring day. Delicious.


Solar Power - Lorde


Lorde bottled up the feeling of being happy in the sun, and it came out in this song. 'Solar Power' is the first single and title track from Lorde’s third studio album. The song features Lorde singing about many images of nature and using the outdoors to escape the stresses of everyday life, as we all should!


Same Suit, Different Tie – The Maine 


Coming out of versatile 5 piece The Maine’s ‘American Candy’ era ‘Same Suit, Different Tie’ gives the feeling of finally adventuring outside in your best fit after spending the winter months hiding behind your layers. The optimistic and clean sound to this song brings in images of clear blue skies and a fresh new start. An absolute must for a spring playlist.


More Than A Feeling – Boston


In a similar vein, More Than A Feeling starts with that iconic clean guitar riff before the vocals take us into a chorus filled with optimism and for lack of a better term, good vibes. Everything about this song is feel-good and ties in perfectly with the emotions that spring brings.


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