5 Minutes With The Heavy

The Heavy have a run of headline UK shows for this September, including London, Manchester, and Bristol! The tour comes after the band revealed their brand-new album 'AMEN' which was released in April. We caught up with them ahead of the shows to discuss the new album, achievements, favourite memories, what to expect and more!


You’ve just played a bunch of US dates - how do audiences differ from the UK?

The audiences have had the chance to hear the whole record before it came out, so has made for an incredible welcome here in the U.S. Everyone is singing all the new songs already.

When we hit the U.K. in September, I’m sure a lot of the audiences will be as crazed as it's what we’ve experienced recently.


Your new album 'AMEN' just dropped - how has the reaction been so far? ... did you approach it any differently to previous efforts?

We wrote with an ocean between us, while the world was locked in craziness. We used all the tools, both technological and human and went about painting a picture as if we were all in the same room.

I wouldn’t recommend it for another full length, but it really showed what we were capable of when the odds are stacked heavily against us.


'How You Like Me Now' has been used on countless TV shows, movies, etc. and even during Obama's presidential campaign - is it still surreal when you discover it has been used somewhere new?

Music supervisors across the planet keep finding wonderful and beautiful uses for HYLMN. I’m always intrigued and excited to see how it gets used as it really does seem to suit so many moods, at any given time.


Which cities do you most look forward to playing?

All of them.


What’s your favourite song from the new album to play live?

'Hurricane Coming' and 'I Feel The Love' are so much fun to play.

They seem to become even larger when presented in front of an audience that is hanging on every line.



Are there any non-music things you look forward to when touring?

It’s always good to explore districts and neighbourhoods that you’ve never been to and always never be afraid to ask for local knowledge. It’s the best way of being able to manage and navigate your time while in a spot for a short period.


Do you have a favourite ‘on the road’ memory?

There are so many but writing 'What Makes A Good Man' on the bus and then being introduced to people (who would later become family) from Colombia, Georgia later that particular tour.

We discovered magic there and it is always mind-blowing when returning.


Who are you currently listening to, have they inspired the new album?

I personally have been revisiting a lot of Tom Waits, 90’s to 00’s boom bap and am definitely digging a lot of what Big Crown Records and Sault put out there.

And I’m sure consciously or unconsciously, the music you love always finds a way into what you’re creating.


What’s your best achievement so far?

Still being part of an incredible family that harbours insane musical capabilities.

We all appreciate being here.


What's next for The Heavy across 2023 and beyond?

We have plans to write a host of great ideas over the summer period, before the U.K/European and hopefully have some more dirty treats for the end of the year on our label, Bad Son Recordings.

Above all, to get better at our craft and to keep working on the rooms and extensions to our Dirty Little House.


Tickets for The Heavy are on sale now!

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