Step Into the Ring With Our Top WWE Entrance Picks

WWE is the home to many larger-than-life personalities, so it's only appropriate that the entrance music to welcome these superstars down to the ring ahead of a night of putting their bodies on the line is appropriately ear-catching. A good entrance theme needs to set the scene for who this person is, their personality, and what the audience can expect to see. Are they 'The Rated R Superstar'? Are they 'The Empress of Tomorrow?' Or maybe they're a big 6ft turkey (the 90s were an odd time for professional wrestling). Regardless, the entrance music often makes the superstar, either through inspiring stadium shaking chants or simply just being the first sign that someone you either love or hate is about to come through the curtain.

We've compiled a list of our favourite WWE entrance themes that never fail to grab our attention.


'You think you know me'. With just 5 words entire stadiums have jumped to their feet at the promise of WWE legend Edge. Capturing Edge's persona as a rockstar of WWE, Metalingus lays it on thick with the guitar riffs and drums from the offset, mirroring the electric performance fans have come to expect from Edge. The edgy (no pun intended) and rebellious undertones of the theme pair perfectly with 'The Rated R Superstar', solidifying both itself, and Edge as an unforgettable part of WWE history.



Speaking of aforementioned stadium shaking chants, that's exactly what you're going to get when 'The Man' Becky Lynch comes around. Straight out the gate with an easily echoed 'whoa' chant, Becky often has fans in the palm of her hand. The theme itself is fast, fiery and in your face, reminiscent of an underground punk club. Becky Lynch has fought from being an underdog, and not your typical sports entertainer, but has clawed her way to the top and forced the world to take notice. The punky roots of Becky's theme are perfectly suited to Big Time Becks, offering a rallying cry for herself and the fans.



LA Knight

Let me talk to ya! Despite only joining the main roster of WWE last year, the megastar LA Knight has been on a tear recently, making himself absolutely undeniable with stadiums all over the globe demanding to see him pushed to the top of the industry. His journey in the squared circle is characterized by his sharp wit, and undeniable kavorka with many praising him as a throwback to 'the attitude era', a nostalgic time for many WWE fans. When the megastar's music hits, the first thing you hear is his name, before you're smacked with a 90s rnb-esque synth that oozes charisma. It's an entrance theme fitting for a performer as captivating as LA Knight, who always has audiences in the palm of his hand, with everybody sayin' L, A, Knight. YEAH.




'The Empress of Tomorrow' Asuka reserves a unique spot in WWE of being both extremely cool, and eerie at the same time. Stepping up to the bright lights of WWE while still holding onto her Japanese culture, Asuka swaggers down to the ring in attire that is vibrant and eccentric, covering her face with a mask. Her movements are unpredictable, yet mesmerising. Removing her mask to reveal the face paint she has adorned herself in, Asuka is reminiscent of an oni, a demon from Japanese folklore. The lyrics to her entrance are just as creepy. 'I am the future of your sorrows, I already live in your tomorrow' position her as a true threat in the ring. The sound of Asuka's music also tie into Japanese culture, featuring a blend of traditional Japanese sounds and modern elements. 'No one is ready for Asuka'.



Seth Rollins

Seth 'freakin' Rollins has gone through a few variations of his entrance over the years with each reinvention of his character. From 'The Architect', to 'The Monday Night Messiah, to 'The Visionary', it would be hard to argue against this current iteration being the most iconic. As Seth stands in the ring, dressed to the nines, fans take their time to sing his song, all the while Seth guides them like a conductor would an orchestra. The thread that ties each of Seth Rollins' personalities and entrances together is the call of 'burn it down', reflecting Rollins' goal to revolutionise the WWE landscape. From his equally gaudy and iconic outfits, to his aggressive and agile in-ring style, Seth Rollins has more than earned his title of 'The Visionary'.



Rhea Ripley

Performed by American metal-core frontrunners Motionless In White, Rhea Ripley's entrance is befitting of one of the most dominant forces in the women's division. The second you hear the opening scream you get a general idea of what's going down. Someone is about to get battered. Making her way to the ring, often with her faction The Judgement Day in tandem, everything about Rhea Ripley screams confidence and dominance. Donning her signature studded leather jacket and dark makeup, Rhea Ripley looks like she's been plucked straight out of a heavy metal gig, the main difference being the Women's World Championship raised above her head.


Cody Rhodes

'Wrestling has more than one royal family...' You would be hard pressed to find an entrance more perfectly tailored to a superstar than 'Kingdom' and 'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes. Defiant and emotionally charged, 'Kingdom' tells the story of Cody's love of performing, despite all the struggles he's faced through the years. Passionate vocals on top of a gritty guitar sound, the song almost narrates Cody's thoughts as he comes through the curtain. This all leads to an entrance that not only acknowledges his lineage (his father being WWE legend Dusty Rhodes), but looks to the present and promises to tackle any challenge thrown his way. Just last year he sacrificed his health by wrestling his Hell In A Cell match with a torn pec. The respect Cody has for the industry and his fans is clear to see, and that's what resonates with the WWE universe.



Bianca Belair

Exuding an aura of positivity as she struts down the ramp, flaunting her long braid, Bianca Belair has established herself as 'the est'. That's great-est, fast-est, strong-est, the list goes on. The music alone is enough to bring a smile to your face with an infectious tempo that's sure to ear worm itself into your head. Yet behind her positivity and the dancing there's an athlete who stood at the top of the women's division as champion for 420 days. Bianca Belair's star power is clear to see, whether it's her uplifting presence, her movements or her athleticism in the ring. She is going to bring the fight of her life every time, and she's going to do it with a smile on her face.



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