The 2023 Music Quiz of the Year!

It's been quite the year for music this year, with bands reuniting, debut albums releasing, memorable festival headline slots and so much more. It can be hard to keep up, but we're here to test your knowledge on it anyway. Let us know on socials how you get on!

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Well aren't you clever. Congrats on paying so much attention this year!

Ouch..better luck next year!

#1. Which band played a Glastonbury secret set disguised as 'The Churnups' on the line-up?

#2. Elvis Presley's Grandaughter Riley Keough starred in a smash hit TV series this year. What was it called?

#3. The Gaslight Anthem made a triumphant return after 9 years since their last release with their new album. What was the title?

#4. Which iconic pop-punk band dropped a new album this year?

#5. Blur reunited in 2023 and dropped a brand-new album. What was it called?

#6. Which of these bands did NOT appear at Slam Dunk festival in 2023?

#7. One of Ireland's greatest songwriters, Shane MacGowan recently passed away. Where was MacGowan born?

#8. Who sung 'What Was I Made For' from the 2023 'Barbie' movie?

#9. Paramore dropped their latest album this year with ‘This Is Why’. What month was it released?

#10. Who won the 2023 Mercury Prize?

#11. Boygenius released their long-awaited debut LP this year, but what was it called?

#12. What animal is featured on the album cover for Fall Out Boy’s ‘So Much (for) Stardust?

#13. Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi starred in Emerald Fennel's second film 'Saltburn' released in November. But which 00's tune did Barry Keoghan famously show off his dance moves to during the film?

#14. Which music artist shaved their hair off in November, causing the internet to lose its mind?

#15. Who represented the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest?

#16. Taylor Swift embarked on the highest grossing tour of 2023 this year, but what was the name of the tour?

#17. Which female artist headlined the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show?

#18. Sufjan Stevens’ tenth studio album dropped in October – what Olympic event does it take its name from?

#19. The legendary Elton John headlined this year’s Glastonbury, including this performance how many times has he played the festival?

#20. Foo Fighters returned with their first album since Taylor Hawkins sadly passed away in 2022. What was the name of the album?

#21. Who's set got famously cut short at Glastonbury this year for running late?

#22. Which 2023 track from Miley Cyrus has the lyrics: “Mm, I didn’t wanna leave you. I didn’t wanna lie”?

#23. Charli XCX recently got engaged to musician and producer George Daniel. What popular band is he the drummer for?

#24. Which artist returned with their highly anticipated sophomore release, ‘Crazymad, For Me’ this year?

#25. Which trio of producers/DJs teamed up to replace Frank Ocean for the closing headline set at Coachella's Weekend Two?

#26. Which singer released her autobiography 'The Woman In Me' back in October?

#27. Finish the title of Lana Del Rey's March 2023 album 'Did you know that there's a tunnel under...'

#28. After winning four Grammys in February, Beyoncé is now the most awarded artist in the prize's history, but how many Grammys in total does she have?

#29. Girls Aloud reunited to announce a live UK tour for next year. Can you remember what their debut single was?

#30. What was the most-streamed song of the year on Spotify?

#31. The National released two albums this year – the first was called what?

#32. The Beatles released their 'final' song in November this year, what's the name of the record?



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