5 Minutes With One Of The Hot Box Girls From Guys & Dolls

Described as a 5-star, "game-changing immersive production" (TimeOut), Guys & Dolls has been surprising and delighting audiences at The Bridge Theatre since it opened in March 2023. Featuring all of the Broadway classics such as 'Luck Be a Lady', 'Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat', 'Adelaide’s Lament' & 'Guys & Dolls', this immersive re-telling of the classic musical has been widely critically acclaimed, winning 3 WhatsOnStage awards and being nominated for a huge 9 Olivier Awards.

This week, we sat down with Katie Bradley who plays numerous roles in the show, including Kitty Clancy, one of the Hot Box girls. She spills all on what it's like to perform in such a modern re-telling of a classic musical, and why the immersive nature of the show means a whole new experience for audiences...

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Can you tell us a bit more about the character you play in Guys & Dolls?

Katie: I play several characters in Guys & Dolls including Kitty Clancy, one of the resident Hot Box girls working under the prestigious Charlie Bernstein.



In this production of Guys & Dolls, audience members are part of the action, transported to the streets of Manhattan and the bars of Havana. What’s the best part about performing in this immersive style?

Katie: It creates the opportunity for every night to be a different experience to be honest. Often, in a proscenium arch setting, there is only a little room for play involving the audience. Whereas in the round and making our way through the viewing crowd, we can choose to interact with the audience differently every night, almost certain that each interaction will be unique.



Why do you think this show continues to resonate with contemporary audiences, even though it first premiered over 70 years ago?

Katie: The script is excellent - it's really funny and relatable! Despite having what could be classed as outdated views of the world, this particular production chooses to turn the script on it's head, in particular when making the women in the show empowered, full of strength and able to make their choices on their own terms, not because a man told them to. The songs are catchy, memorable and the interval entertainment adds that extra layer of being in the Hot Box itself rather than just in a theatre watching from a distance.



Inspired by the iconic song ‘Luck Be A Lady’ from Guys & Dolls, do you have any pre-show superstitions or rituals that you carry out?

Katie: I can’t say I do particularly, I guess I definitely like a little pre-show disco/vibe out with my girls in the dressing room to get us pumped for the show - we even have a little neon light so we can turn all other lights off and just have a minute long party before beginners!



Without giving any spoilers for people who haven’t seen the show, do you have a favourite moment or line in the show?

Katie: I think the Crapshooters Ballet is a particular stand out in this show and for me personally, Adelaide's Hot Box performances are especially great for one lucky person...



And finally, describe this production of Guys & Dolls in 3 words.

Katie: Vibrant. Sharp. Fresh.


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