5 Minutes With Jason Manford

Legendary comedian, presenter, actor and singer Jason Manford has just been confirmed as the latest star to perform at Soccer Aid For UNICEF this Summer.

Taking place at Stamford Bridge, London on Sunday 9th June 2024, the world's biggest charity football match once again boasts an incredible line-up.

We caught up with Jason Manford to get his thoughts on how he's feeling, his earliest footballing memory and more.

Check out the full interview below.

How much will you be relying on your ability to perform in front of a big crowd when you’re on the pitch?

"That's where my skills lie as opposed to actual football, but I'm more nervous about being in front of so many people in a pair of shorts! Not being fully dressed feels alien to me!"

You'll be alongside several other stars so hopefully they won't just be focused on you and your shorts...

"I mean, it's nerve-wracking because every touch of the ball and every moment is scrutinised - and then you get to watch it back on the TV sany mistake you make is there forever, isn't it? That'll be playing on my mind more than anything! The actual crowd I'm not too worried about. I'm looking forward to it, though, because last time I played it was during lockdown and there was no crowd."

As you say, you’ve played at Soccer Aid for UNICEF before – how does it feel to be preparing for it again?

"I'm four years older than I was last time, now I'm in my 40s, so I'm definitely feeling the age difference. That pitch is massive! So this time I do feel like I'm working hard to prepare."

Who are you looking forward to playing alongside at this year’s event?

"Well, one of the reasons I signed up again was Lee Mack really. We're good pals and we play football together quite regularly, and when he was like 'come on let's do it again'. I think he just wants me on the pitch because he thinks I'm the only person worse than him, but that's the reason I like him on the pitch! It is also exciting to be playing alongside actual football legends!"

What is your earliest footballing memory?

"I suppose getting a secondhand Man City kit from my uncle and my dad taking us to watch the game. Obviously it was all standing back then and I was watching the football through people's legs! Going to the football every fortnight was always a family tradition, and it was special because it unites people!"

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