5 Minutes With Patrick Droney

Last month, we caught up with Brooklyn based musician Patrick Droney ahead of his upcoming UK shows this May. After a trailblazing 2023, which saw the release of Patrick's masterful new album 'Subtitles For Feelings', we wanted to find out more about his experience with life on the road and what's coming up at this years shows!



Firstly, to set the scene – tell us a bit about yourself.

"I’m a singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist based in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been doing this for more than half my life and find storytelling to be one of the most connecting mechanisms in the human repertoire."


You set out on a pretty extensive US/Canada Tour last year after the release of ‘Subtitles for Feelings’ – how did you find it, and how does it compare to touring the UK for you?

"There’s nothing like the magic of a live show. Every scene is so unique to itself because a group of people in a certain place are bringing all of their unique perspectives, energies and memories into the room. I love playing the role of conductor and at the same time getting to be a spectator as well. While the crowd is watching me, I’m watching the film play back in their eyes - it’s an incredible phenomenon.
I love returning to cities where I've had consistent growth. It’s rewarding to play a city like Chicago for the 5th time in a two thousand capacity room knowing those first 200 people who saw me in the small club around the corner are still in the room with me.
I feel this same way in the U.K. - people have waited a long time for me to finally get over here and while I’ve been building in London over the last few years, I’m so excited to start in Glasgow and Manchester on this run. It feels like a reunion of old pals even though it’s the first time we’re meeting - that’s the magic of music."


You’ve travelled 92,418 miles since you started touring. That’s quite a lot of miles. After all of these shows, how has your approach to preparation changed, and how would you say the live show has evolved?

"I would say it’s been a constant pursuit of presence. The songs may change, arrangements shift, the lights show expands etc. but the real goal for me, as I continue in my craft on stage, is how absolutely present can I be here in this space with these people? It feels like something we get just so close to in fleeting moments of pure presence but it’s the buzz/energy of those frames that keep me going back and showing up."

Do you have a favourite memory from your time on the road?

"Anytime I play New York my Dad and I play a song together. Sharing the stage with the person who taught me how to do it in the first place is pure joy. I’d say Hyde Park with The Eagles is a close second!"


In your down time from touring and writing, what are some of your favourite things to do to switch off?

"I believe you have to be kind to yourself in the “mean-time”. You have to water your plants to show up renewed. I find a deep reset in New York - The mindful practice of walking through the city makes me feel smaller and connected to a greater essence."


Is there anything new that we can expect from your UK shows this may?

"I’ve been hard at work on new music! I am looking forward to debuting some new records on stage in real-time."


Moving on to your music – who would you say is your biggest influence that nobody would expect/doesn’t necessarily come through in your sound?

"Ray Charles changed my life as a little kid. It was his sound, presence and records of course but even more it was his adversities and seeing how he overcame them that made such a huge impact on my journey."


How do you kickstart your writing process? Do you have a time/place that you think has encouraged your best ideas?

"I look at life as The Movie. We are in the movie of our lives. I take close looks at the ordinary moments in the scenes, the ones we often overlook - and find the extraordinary in them. I find endless inspiration in the sheer fact that we are here with a plot constantly unfolding."


Which song from your repertoire do you hold closest to your heart, and why?

"While each song is close to my heart, I’m most grateful that “Glitter” chose me. The articulation of grief in that song really helped me work through my own emotions as well as feel deep gratitude from the feedback from people around the world who have told me they found solace in it on their journey of grief. There’s a real mutual act of service in the conversation around that song - I see people helping people through it. They’ve helped me. It’s a beautiful thing."



You can check out Patricks music here and find tickets to his upcoming UK dates below.


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