5 Minutes With Kathy & Stella Solve A Murder!

It's murder in the West End... After sell out runs in Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh, Kathy & Stella Solve A Murder! has arrived at The Ambassadors Theatre! This ‘unmissable show’ (Daily Mail) tells the story of BFFs Kathy & Stella who host Hull's most ok-ist true crime podcast. But when their favourite author is killed, can this unlikely crime-fighting duo crack the case (and become global podcast superstars) before the killer strikes again...?

This week, we sat down with Elliotte Willams-N'Dure who plays DI Sue Shaw in this hilarious new musical. We talk all things Kathy & Stella, fringe, and true crime...

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Can you tell us a bit more about the character you play in Kathy & Stella Solve A Murder!?

Elliotte: I play DI Sue Shaw who is leading the investigation of the murder. She’s a slightly jaded but determined detective that doesn’t have time for any rubbish!


Photography: Pamela Raith


Kathy & Stella Solve A Murder! boasts sold-out runs at Edinburgh Fringe, and in regional theatres in Manchester and Bristol. What first attracted you to the show, and what do you enjoy most about working on new musicals?

Elliotte: Apart from the amazing creative team and cast, it was Matthew Floyd’s beautiful music. It's seriously gorgeous! What I enjoy the most about working on something new is the chance to really play with, form, and develop my character(s) into something real!


Photography: Pamela Raith


Are you a true crime fan in the real world? Why do you think people are so fascinated by it?

Elliotte: I wouldn’t use the word fan, but I do find it very interesting. My parents used to collect Murder Casebook magazines and I would sneak and read them. The 7 year old me was definitely a fan.

It seems such a macabre subject to be fascinated by, but I think knowing what drives people to make certain choices so far from what seems natural and instinctive to most is always interesting to people. Also, we humans really do love a bit of the darkness and true crime is a way to safely observe the darker sides of our existence.


Photography: Pamela Raith


Without giving any spoilers for people who haven’t seen the show, do you have a favourite moment or line in the show?

Elliotte: “No, I do not want to wait in Costa. Have you ever been in one? Well, I haven’t and I intend for it to stay that way.”


Photography: Pamela Raith


And finally, describe Kathy & Stella Solve A Murder! in 3 words.

Elliotte: Exhilarating. Heart-warming. Hilarious!


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