New Designers 2024 - Director's Highlights

Following an unforgettable first week of New Designers 2024, a new cohort of graduates are now busy transforming the Business Design Centre for Week 2. Join us this week from Wednesday – Saturday to discover the next big thing in furniture, product & industrial design, graphics, illustration, game design, animation and interior design. Event Director Sally Bent has highlighted some of her top picks for this week below – visit us this week to discover your own highlights.


Lil Orton, Falmouth University - Sound Symmetry

Lil Orton – BA (Hons) Sustainable Product Design, Falmouth University

‘Sound Symmetry is a thoughtful and innovative solution to address overstimulation in public study spaces or offices, especially for individuals with ADHD, autism, or sound sensitivity.  By incorporating both functionality and aesthetics, the tessellation of geometric shapes in a 3D maze-like structure not only serves its purpose in mitigating auditory reflection but also creates a visually stimulating and calming environment.  Utilizing 100% cork aligns with sustainable design practices.’

Hugo Matthew Nottingham Trent

Hugo Matthew – BSc Product Design, Nottingham Trent University

‘Yew is an exfoliating soap bar that revitalizes native British wool types, often deemed “worthless” due to rapidly increasing competition from cheaper synthetic plastics. By leveraging the varying micron levels of felted sheep’s wool, Yew delivers a unique and personalized exfoliating experience, with proven dermatological benefits that plastics simply can’t match. Yew’s straightforward branding highlights the numerous yet overlooked benefits of wool.’

Millie Whitrow_chair

Millie Whitrow – BA (Hons) 3D Designer Maker, Staffordshire University 

‘Millie’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in her admiration for Scandinavian Design, which emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship. This aesthetic is characterized by clean lines, attention to detail, and a preference for handcrafted items. For Millie, quality is not just a feature but a guiding principle, reflecting her belief in the enduring value of well-made objects.’

Rosie Monteith

Rosie Monteith – BSc Product Design, University of Leeds

‘Caesarean births account for 1 in 3 births in the UK and rates are rising yet after-care does not seem to be improving at the same rate. A product ecosystem that guides mothers through the first weeks and months recovering from a Caesarean birth improving health literacy. The pad provides heat to improve upon pain relief and monitors the difference in temperature between the incision site and abdomen to assess the risk of infection and minimise the chance of poor healing.’

Sadie Thorpe_ FMP_ Final Outcomes_Page_21

Sadie Thorpe – BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Animation, University of Huddersfield

‘Play is the Way’ is a brand and initiative to bring play to the everyday, it is designed specifically help overcome workplace stress. 

In the words of the brand “Life can be… rough. At Play is the Way, we just want to make it a little better by introducing play into the everyday. Sure, it’s not a cure-all, but it’s an easy way to reap more joy from life,  and be better prepared for what life throws our way.”

AB_ TheBeeEaters

Amanda Bywater – MA Illustration, Nottingham Trent University

‘The European bee-eater, once a rare sight within UK borders, is now increasingly being spotted in Norfolk. It serves as both a spectacle of beauty and a sobering reminder of the profound impacts of climate change. In this illustration, as the European bee-eater swoops in for its prey, a closer examination reveals a subtle but significant alteration—the bee it targets is not a natural insect but a robotic counterpart.  The presence of the robot bee serves as a poignant metaphor for the disruptions caused by human activities, including habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change.’

Palak Shah

Palak Shah – BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design, University of Westminster

‘Moon is a period care brand created with a purpose to educate, empower and elevate the new and current generation of menstruators through interactive branding. The unique packaging and interactive brochures together create an unmatched experience where menstruators are encouraged to notice their periods with a fresh perspective and new outlook.’

Screening room (2)


‘Visit the screening room in the gallery hall to see our curated short list of films representing digital media.  The winner of the screening prize will be selected during our Wednesday Awards Preview so come and see who has been selected.’

Belinda King


‘One of the highlights of our ND Educates programme in Week 2 is a panel discussion exploring the design world’s engagement with neurodivergence, and what more could be done to create more inclusive spaces, objects and structures. Join Oli Stratford, Editor-in-Chief of Disegno in conversation with Belinda King, Camille Yin and Kelly Grainger.’


ND Selects Photography Yeshen Venema


‘ND Selects is a curated space at New Designers dedicated to shining a light on new businesses in the design industry.  Browse our week 2 exhibitors here.’


To meet all these inspiring makers and so many more, join us for Week 2 of New Designers 2024 from 3 – 6 July.


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